Running Together for a Worthy Cause

Giselle Orozco, Staff Writer

The Let it Be 5k is a yearly event that brings the community of Chino Hills together for a worthy purpose. The mission of the Let it Be Foundation, according to their website is, “To provide ongoing support and services to families of children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.” This is truly an admirable nonprofit organization that the families in Chino Hills love to support. One way of supporting the Let it Be Foundation is by running/walking or volunteering at their 5k. This year the Let It Be 5k took place on May 12, at Chino Hills High School. Volunteering at the event were firefighters, students, parents, Boy/Cub Scouts, and the Chino Hills High School Football team, and the Cheer teams from both Don Lugo and Chino Hills High School. When students from different schools and the city come together to help a cause that is great for the children of the foundation. All the money that was made at this 5k will go into helping and supporting families who are going through having their child in chemo or just getting out of it. I believe that the Let It Be Foundation is a really worthy cause for children, and am very glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful thing.

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