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Hanging Out With the Girls Volleyball Team

October 14, 2018

The CHHS Girls Varsity Volleyball Team surges with energy and has an intimacy that is rarely matched compared to others. The team upon meeting them during their interview with the Howler staff, came in laughing and making jokes with each other, which evidently would perfectly lay the mood for the rest of the interview. Throughout the interview, the team carried on their cheery and joyous attitude throughout. Particularly, I recall that when we, the Journalism crew, would ask the team questions, almost always they would start laughing and mention an antidote about some funny situation that they had encountered while practicing, playing a game, or just hanging out as a group together. As I sat there with a mixture of amazement and bewildered, I pondered the ultimate question of how this group had gotten so close. Now yes, they are a team, and of course they would have funny stories about each other, and most likely would get along well. Yet, this group, in particular, seemed to have a certain aura which still escapes me. After the interview, and a couple of my questions answered, I learned that the main ways that the team cites as major aspects that help the development of their relationship is music, playing the game, and of course hanging around with each other. Paige Gutowski, a freshman on the team, said “ that just having activities and doing things that build trust”   is how they bond. If you not only want to play volleyball, but be part of a tight-knit group of friends to check them out!


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CHHS Girls Varsity Volleyball – A Contagious Spirit!

Of the many spirited on campus sport teams, there is one that shines above the rest- our Varsity Girls Volleyball Team. Though team captain’s change, and seniors leave, the enthusiasm and love for the game remains unhampered with. The credit due to the carrying on of team spirit goes to none other than the two team captains this year, Madi Brenes and Raeleen Saunders. They say that volleyball, specifically becoming captains, has shaped them into more talkative, friendly, and positive individuals. Despite not having the best record this year, the team is working nonstop to become better on the court. The team bonds before each game with a special Team Talk, and they hype each other up with music and dancing. The captains contribute to the vibrant atmosphere by leading the discussions about the goals for the upcoming game. Outside the pressure of the games and off the court, the team has excellent chemistry. In the heat of the game; however, it is a lot of fast reacting and quick thinking. This dissolves the misconceptions that volleyball is easy, because the players have less than a second to react and hit the ball! Interestingly, Ayala is not our Huskies rival for volleyball. Due to the ranking and league of our volleyball team, everyone but Etiwanda, whom the team has already beaten, is the rival at this point. It’s not all rivalry and hatred, though. Over the course of the season, the girls have made many friends from different schools. This helps build a lasting bond between the students within our district.   On Oct. 9 the Lady Huskies played their last game of the season – Good luck to the senior Lady Huskies!

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Girls Varsity Volleyball at CHHS

Chino Hills High offers several sports that students can get involved with one of them being volleyball. CHHS doesn’t have a boys’ volleyball team, but they do have girls’ Frosh, JV, and Varsity teams. The girls on the varsity team stated that the goal is to have a boys’ volleyball team maybe starting by next year. They also talked about what it’s like being on the team and their personal favorite parts of playing volleyball. The girls on the team have been playing volleyball anywhere from three to fourteen years. As well as playing for the high school, many of them play for volleyball clubs outside of school. They all agree that playing for a club is important if you want to pursue the sport in the future. However, the girls say that they would recommend people to try volleyball at least once before trying out for the team. They want new players to know to not take things personally and be open-minded. Even though all the girls said they love volleyball, it is hard work, and takes up a lot of their time. They practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and have games on Tuesday and Thursday. As a whole, the team admits that they have a lot of progress to make in terms of how well they are playing. They know communication is the key, and they work on that by having talks before games and doing activities outside of volleyball for team bonding. Through the group interview, the girls show their love for volleyball and their hopes for growth as a team in the future.

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