“This Is Us” and the Crew Behind It

Allison Ihde, Staff Writer

Our very own Chino Hills High School Theatre gives an incredible performance every night in their most recent show, “This Is Us.” The talented students in this show pour their hearts out in every single number. The songs were chosen by the director, Kerry Rupe, along with input from the students that accurately display the loving and family dynamic the Theatre program exhibits. As with any high school performance, there are going to be hiccups. Opening night, on Thursday, October 25, faced a minuscule amount of these and any flaw was downplayed by the sheer talent of the group. By Friday, the very next show, any small sign of a mishap was simply not observed by the awed onlookers. Audiences young and old loved the range and personality in each piece. From Jersey Boys to Teen Beach Movie, there is no shortage of vibrancy on stage. Even during the heartfelt and slow numbers like “ Somewhere That’s Green” from Little Shop of Horrors and “ City of Stars” from La La Land, there was still an energy of passion, and one could tell that the group truly loves to be on stage. Watching, you can tell how much time and effort went into each prop and dance move. Annabella Childress, a freshman, is so grateful for working on “ This Is Us.”   She plays a part in the ensemble, which is the group of students on stage that performs together, rather than individually. She is so grateful for getting to know the CHHS Theatre group. Childress says, “It was very exciting, and it was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it because I got to meet new people, make memories, and experience new things.”   She also helped to paint the sets used in the show. Overall, the show proved to be a wonderful experience for both the students in theatre and the audience. It brought to life the spirit of the theatre and left the whole crowd with no choice but to applaud the extreme talent on stage!

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