Why it is Important to Donate Blood

Alyssa Gordon, Staff Writer

As the Chino Hills High Blood Drive approaches, many students may wonder why donating blood is important. Donating blood can save the lives of those who need blood due to medical complications or other issues. For example, only seven percent of the United States has O negative blood. People with O negative blood are encouraged to donate blood because of how rare it is, but also because it can save someone with that blood type. Besides wondering why it is so important, students wonder if they should donate blood or not. Many people are afraid of needles or the whole situation in general because it isn’t something you do every day. Even so, donating blood is a pretty simple task and only takes about fifteen minutes. The process starts with a Phlebotomist disinfecting your arm and then drawing blood from a vein. Donators give about one pint of blood. There are some restrictions when giving blood; however. Participants must weigh 110 pounds and be at least sixteen years old in most states in the United States. They also should be in good health, and it must have been at least fifty- six days since they last donated blood. The morning before donating blood, people should eat a nutritious breakfast to avoid experiencing complications from donating such as passing out or throwing up. The CHHS blood drive is on November 29 from 7:30 to 12:00 so if you are interested to make sure you meet the requirements and sign up.