Fiction Story: A Surprise Holiday Visit

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Fiction Story: A Surprise Holiday Visit

Alyssa Gordon, Staff Writer

The Tree family dedicated their lives to Christmas and its festivities. The family consisted of Mr. Tree, Mrs. Tree, and their daughter Jingle Bell, who lived in a small town that snowed year-round.

The families’ favorite part of the whole holiday was setting up the Christmas tree in late November. They would put their tree up sooner, but due to the judgment from neighbors, they avoided it until the day after Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving, they would go to a local tree farm and pick out the tallest one they had. The family of four loved picking the tree out, but decorating it stayed superior in their mind.

Once they got home, Mr. Tree found the Christmas ornaments in the garage and brought them out to the living room. The tree always had to be by a window so Mrs. Tree could boast to the neighbors how nice their tree looked from the outside.

After decorating the entire house, the family drank hot chocolate and watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. A sudden knock at the door interrupted the family in the midst of their movie. Jingle Bell ran up to the door and opened it to find her personal favorite part of the holiday season.

“Santa!” the girl exclaimed, jumping up and down.

Mrs. Tree rushed to the door clearly alarmed by the sudden appearance of Santa Claus. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she joined Jingle Bell at the door and saw the well-known sleigh on her driveway.

“Ho ho ho,” Santa greeted. “Happy holidays! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

Santa gave Jingle Bell a present and was on his way to give other children in town early Christmas gifts. It was something that the Tree family never forgot for the rest of their Christmas loving lives.

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