Staff and Students Take a Bite of the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar

Malik Elali, Co-Editor in Chief

At some point in your life, you might have come across a jalapeño and thought to yourself “hey this doesn’t look too bad, I bet I could handle it” and then took a big bite. Now, if you’re a spicy food fanatic you might be able to stomach it, but most people can agree that jalapeños by themselves are not enjoyable (to say the least). Now imagine having to eat something 900X hotter than that. That’s right, the world’s hottest chocolate bar clocks in with a Scoville Heat Unit rating of nine million. To compare, a bottle of Sriracha only comes in at around two thousand Scoville Units. That is what this group of students and staff at Chino Hills High School are up against in this video. Some of the staff included Mr. Rolland, Mr. Espinoza, Mr. Fawcett, Mrs. Sneddon, Mrs. Rutherford, and Mrs. Gomez, and the students are from the video crew with a mix of kids from the video class. How everyone reacted from the tiny square of chocolate was a mixed bag. Mrs. Sneddon and Mrs. Rutherford handled the heat like champs and didn’t need to drink any water. The heat hit some of the teachers harder than others; however; namely, Mr. Fawcett and Mr. Espinoza whom both looked as if they might spontaneously combust on the spot. Nina Manayon, a freshman, struggled at first but succeeded in not drinking any water first in her group.  In a battle of teacher v. student, alumni Anthony Porras faced off against Mr. Rolland to see who could stand the heat the longest without being the first to drink water. They both put up a good fight, but Anthony came out on top in the end, The Hills report group did a great job of keeping things fresh and fun while including all our favorite teachers and some friendly student faces from around campus.

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