How Book to Movie Adaptations Effect Teens

Alyssa Gordon, Staff Writer

Book to movie adaptations is not a new concept, but they have become more popular, especially in the past year. While reading is not necessarily everyone’s favorite past time, watching movies is something most people enjoy. By making a movie based off a book, a wider audience gets to experience the story and message. Two thousand eighteen has not shied away from young adult adaptations, which are usually the most appealing to teens in high school. With the likes of March’s Love, Simon, based on the young adult book Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, and August’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Dumplin’, released on December 7, joined a group of relatable, diverse stories that have been adapted to film.

Having diversity on the screen is important because as teens it can be difficult to feel like you fit in. Movies that include various characters from different backgrounds give teens the opportunity to feel like their voice is heard and that they are understood. Dumplin’ tells the story of a teenage girl named Willowdean who is viewed by society as not “beautiful” due to her weight and appearance. She joins a beauty pageant that her mom runs and through the course of the novel and movie she learns that there is not just one definition of beauty.

Some people may view young adult movie adaptations as movies just made for teens, but the truth is, they have necessary messages that influence viewers and provide life lessons. Coming of age stories are extremely relevant, especially in high school with all the changes and personal growth. Seeing them on screen just makes it even more realistic and enjoyable.