The Business Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

Information can be found on Mrs. Robledo’s BAHT Blackboard, in Room 205.

Photo by Om Angarkar

Information can be found on Mrs. Robledo’s BAHT Blackboard, in Room 205.

Om Angarkar, Staff Writer

The Business Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, or BAHT for short, is an academy full of students yearning for the studies of applying business-related properties and using them in real-life scenarios. It’s where you do business in real life after high school but in a smaller setting.

In the freshman year, students will learn what it means to be in the hospitality business. This includes learning about Customer Satisfaction and Quality Service. Students will indulge in different activities to properly teach them the different tasks each employee of a hospitality business must master.

One example is a semester-long project, meant to be a simulator of the modern business mixer. Along the semester-year, there are many checkpoints that lead to the final boss. An event description, a menu, and a table setting must be first approved and graded before the fun part. The most challenging part of the Business Academy is cooking. Yes, you cook! A fun project that helps you acquire many traits that will help in the future. Following procedures and pre-planning are advantages that will greatly help in any job.

Other than projects, the academy will take many field trips to give a first-person experience on what professionals actually do in their line of work. One of the most prominent trips that BAHT offers is an unforgettable trip to Disney World in Florida. Another example is a beautiful trip to Hawaii. Competitions are held in Florida to make the best food possible, where different chefs judge the masterpiece that you’ve made.

Most of the fun is during the freshmen and sophomore year, where you will learn the basic fundamentals of a Hospitality-related business. During the junior and senior years; however, the subject is bound to be more business and financial-related.

If you don’t want to waste a period of your schedule for the Business Academy, there is also DECA, a club that is also primarily focused on businesses. Although there is a minor fee you have to pay to join, the learning and experience offered would be more profitable. Same with BAHT, you go on various trips and learn many things important for a sustainable business. BAHT and DECA will both offer college credit to students who join. It sounds incredibly fun, and you will enjoy every part of it. If you are interested in these subjects, head over to Mrs. Acker’s room 181 to talk to her about joining.

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