CHHS Softball is Ready for New Season

Ciara Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The Chino Hills High School Varsity Softball Team is coached by Coach Southworth, who has been coaching the CHHS softball team since the school opened in 2001.  Softball is an all-girl sport that is played nationwide and is increasing its popularity every year.  The varsity softball players practice every day at the softball field, from 6th period until about four o’clock in the afternoon, with the goal of remaining undefeated league champs. The CHHS softball program is important to the players because it teaches each girl what it means to be on a team and being able to have good relationships all around with teammates. This also helps to see what a team will be like when planning on playing for a future college team. Softball can help each player grow as a person, by showing what it takes to play against the competition in the league. This shows players how to be and play as a team and how to be the best player that they can be when showing off their skills.  Each and every single one of these girls is very excited to carry on with this year’s season and is ready to maintain their streak in winning and representing CHHS and still make the school’s softball program better every year.

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