The Newest Attraction: The Loop

Photo by Lainie Gomez

Lainie Gomez, Staff Writer

As we’ve all noticed, the tireless continuation of construction on our school’s street has brought countless new and enticing restaurants and cafes for students to enjoy. Establishments such as “Starbucks” and “Squeeze In” have already brought in dozens of customers from our school. Now with the newest addition to that list, “The Loop,” students will have a brand-new and delicious place to enjoy themselves and hang out after school hours. The new restaurant has grown incredibly popular on social media after drawing attention from a branch located elsewhere in the United States. Since then, so many people have traveled just to try this unique and enticing dessert. Now with this new branch near our very own school to try and the need to travel far is long gone. A customer from our school can simply walk up the street to order any dessert of their choosing, and walk out satisfied. Despite its popularity on social media, many still are unaware of what exactly “The Loop” is. They are an establishment that serves handcrafted churros with ice cream and various toppings. Their special “loop” shaped churros are what gives the establishment their name. With a wide range of flavors, toppings, and combinations, even the pickiest of eaters can choose exactly the dessert they want. On top of their signature ice cream and churros, “The Loop” serves different types of lemonades and teas as well. Ever since its opening a plethora of customers have come and gone with their churro creations. They have just started their business, and yet they are already the most popular establishment in the area. Without a doubt, “The Loop” will quickly become a favorite location among our students.

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