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AP Classes at CHHS

March 10, 2019

AP classes are college-level courses offered at high schools to give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and prepare for furthering their education in college. Chino Hills High offers several AP classes from AP Environmental Science to AP English that can be taken by students to receive college credit upon passing the AP exam at the end of the school year. The AP exam is scored on a scale of one to five with one being the lowest score and five being the highest score. A three score is considered passing, and eligible for college credit at many universities. At the beginning of the second semester, there was an AP Night that consisted of presentations and information on the offered AP classes from the counselors, administration, and the current AP teachers. The meeting gave the students and their parents the chance to get the details on the AP classes that are offered at CHHS and how to sign up for them. It is important for students who want to take AP classes to talk to their counselor, but also to think about if the class is right for them and their schedule for next year. A specific AP class can give students the experience and an idea of what they want to major in when they are getting ready to attend college and to also seek some knowledge on their possible future career choice. For example, someone who wants to major in English should take AP English 11 and AP English 12 classes, while someone who wants to become a doctor should take AP Biology and AP Physics. As scheduling for next year approaches, sophomores and juniors should think of the possible AP classes that they should sign up for and how it can affect their future classes in college.


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