A New Principal and a New Refreshing Outlook

July 8, 2019


Photo by Giselle Orozco

Mr. Buoncristiani

Mr. Buoncristiani is the new principal at Chino Hills High, and I like most people am extremely excited to see his introduction to our school and how he will change our school’s culture and academic landscape. One reason I am already so excited to see him come to our school has been that the Howler staff has been blessed with his presence and his interesting thoughts on how he wants to help the staff and students at our school.

The main purpose of his rule lets call it, is to give kids the power to help the school themselves. He said since our school has been already so good he just wants to empower the kids to have power over themselves. Since the kids are mostly good and don’t cause problems. This was a pretty empowering message to hear from an authority figure as it was one of the first times I felt valued and appreciated and wasn’t looking down as an impenitent useless child who needs to be constantly looked after.

He seemed to actually genuinely care. Even if we didn’t get to talk in-depth about all of the reform, policies et cetera that he will implement we seemed to get the general gist. That he was looking to help students, not raise his career, or get more money. He wants to help us, which is refreshing. We not only just get a new principal this year, but we also get a new great principal which everyone should be extremely excited for, I know that I am.

Welcome to Chino Hills High School, Mr. Buoncristiani!

Mr. Buoncristiani, or ‘Mr. B’ for short, is the name of the new principal of our school effective June 3rd, 2019. One thing to note about him before any dialog is his appearance his stature seems to be of the most confidence. Some credit may be taken from his experience of playing baseball, and his desire to stay fit through the ages. When the Howler interview had begun, he sat down, ready to express his excitement as well as his delight to work in this prestigious school. “ [CHHS] has already been in front of people’s faces”, Mr. B states, “this school is already thriving.” Mr. B explains that he doesn’t want to change the flow of the school’s environment. Instead, he wishes to, “enable [the students] to make the changes [they] want.”

Alongside working as a principal, Mr. Buoncristiani also devotes his time to being a student. During his work as a teacher as well as an assistant principal, he learned a lot about being a good role model as well as giving freedom to the students. His best mentors were the “really bad principals that [he] worked for”. Their faults steered him in the righteous path and led him to become one with the students. 

When asked about what he will do to improve the subjects that the students cannot protest for, he answered, “I’m gonna watch and observe, [and] find out what areas they need support in”.

In short, Mr. B’s work history grows incredulity in my mind, but we will have to see in the coming years what will be in store for us. Other than that, Mr. B should add another great four years for the freshman, but doesn’t wish to change or add anything for the school until he has observed what direction to take to help the staff and students. Welcome to Chino Hills High School, Mr. Buoncristiani! The Huskies hope you have an amazing time here, spreading that Husky pride as well as leading the staff and students to some great and memorable years!

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