Howler Staff Interview With New Principal Mr. Buoncristiani


Howler Staff

Mr. Buoncristiani with the 2018-19 Howler staff

Allison Ihde, Staff Writer

The Howler staff had the special opportunity to speak and interview our new principal Mr. Buoncristiani, and in the short period of time of the interview, the staff already had so much excitement for the years to come.  As a former pro-baseball player for the Mariners, Rockies, and the Mets, his baseball career was cut short due to a serious injury. After no longer being able to play baseball and the birth of his first son he was given an opportunity to evaluate the next step in his life.  He rediscovered his love for working with kids, and decided to go back to school and went to college and completed his teaching credential then began teaching.  Later, he got his administrative credential and started working as a principal in numerous schools, and as the years went on his main inspiration behind getting involved from the administrative perspective of schools, rather than the teaching side, was that some principals seemed to not care enough about the students to help them.  He was inspired by this notion and now works to make sure every student, he oversees is heard and respected.  He wants to make sure he can reach and connect with as many students as possible.  Finding balance is a major aspect of Mr. Buoncristiani’s outlook on life.  As a hardworking father, husband, and administrator, daily life can prove to be quite hectic.  In the grand scheme of things, he tries his best to respect his coworkers’ families and needs as well as his own.  Therefore, he prefers to keep his workspace and calendars nice and tidy.  His first glimpses of CHHS prove promising for him.  He says that each school has a unique culture and behavior.  And from what he sees, CHHS students are a very respectful bunch!  He can’t help but feel slightly intimidated by the reputation and popularity of our school, but he is excited and up for the challenge!  He comes into our school with an open heart and intentions of building as many relationships as possible and observing our school environment.  He believes that we, the kids, have the power to change what we want for this school.  He wants to do his best to ensure each of us, the kids, have a voice.  Because as he states, “the kids are the heartbeat of the school.”