The New Establishments around Chino Hills High School


Photo by Rishi Shah

Rishi Shah, Staff Writer

As the 2018-2019 school year begun, many students saw construction work on an empty lot across from the CHHS campus. With machines, drilling and putting up buildings, there was confusion over what was going to be built. The construction work has happened for almost a year now, and many students have been anticipating seeing what buildings were going to be on the lot. As the new school year began, a new sign with the word: “Apartments” was put up in front of the lot. Many students sadly went along, as these apartments were nothing interesting or fun for the students of Chino Hills High School. However, there was still another lot across from the apartments, much to the students’ delight, were many places to eat that were being opened. This included The Loop, a popular dessert location. For many of these students, this was very exciting as there weren’t too many dessert places that they could reach, eat, and return to the school in the 30 minutes that are allotted for lunch. The Loop offers churros and ice cream that are customizable. This has become a very popular dessert spot in the community of Chino Hills High School. However, one problem has unfortunately arisen from this new commercial lot being made. The popularity of The Loop, along with the stores and restaurants around, has brought along a significant change. The traffic that has spawned from the stores being opened, and from the apartment complexes built has affected some students, as sometimes it is hard for students to go around the area quickly and will have to adjust to this change. However, besides the traffic, this has brought beneficial changes as now there are places for students to study, socialize, and eat. This encourages socialization between students, which gives them things to do other than just stay at home. Without a doubt, the establishments around the Chino Hills High campus have had varied effects but benefits many students in general.