Husky Pride Week: Battle of the Class Colors


Photo by Paige Faia

Tiffany Chen, Staff Writer

Husky Pride Week: Battle of the Class Colors It’s finally Husky Pride Week! As you walk into Chino Hills High School, you instantly spot all the posters and decorations covering the campus. There is a strong sense of school spirit in the air, and you can hear everyone chatter excitedly to their friends about the “Battle of the Bone”. In celebration of the upcoming football game against Ayala High School (aka the “Battle of the Bone”), this week there will be five different spirit days that all students and staff can participate in. The spirit days are Battle of the Memes (Monday), Twin Dress-Up Day (Tuesday), Class Color Day (Wednesday), Blackout Day (Thursday), and Husky Pride Day (Friday). There will also be a rally that everyone can attend on Friday. The rally will take place during your third-period class and it will be approximately 50 minutes long. During the rally, there will be amazing performances and fun games for the students to participate in. Husky Pride Week helps everyone get more excited for the Battle of the Bone. Today is Wednesday, which means that the spirit day is Class Color Day. Students should dress up in the color that represents for their grade level. The class colors are yellow (seniors/class of 2020), teal (juniors/class of 2021), pink (sophomores/class of 2022), and purple (freshmen/class of 2023). Upon entering the campus today, I noticed many students wearing their class colors and/or dressing up in their class shirts. It made me happy to see so many students show their appreciation and admiration for this school by participating in this spirit day. I talked to some of my fellow freshmen about how they were feeling about this current school year. Many of them talked about how excited they were for their classes, while others talked about how nervous they were, still unsure and unready in this new chapter of their lives. I could relate to both perspectives. To compare to the previous scenario, I talked to one of my senior friends about how they were feeling about this school year. She said that she had happily enjoyed her past three years at Chino Hills High School, and was enthusiastic to start college. All in all, Battle of the Class Colors was a fun spirit day