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Husky Pride Field Day

September 2, 2019

Husky Pride Field Day

Field Day Was a Success on the First Day of School

Photo by Alyssa Gordon

The 2019 to 2020 school year began with a minimum day consisting of shorter classes and a field day starting after 6th period at the Husky Stadium to finish off the day. Monday, August 12 was a day filled with mixed emotions, but most of all excited to see and hang out with friends again after a short few months. The hour and a half long event involved food trucks with Chick-fil-a, Kona Ice, lemonade from the Let it Be Foundation, and more vendors resulting in long lines from students waiting to eat or get something to drink. Despite the lines, the wait went by very fast and the majority of students who wanted to buy something ended up getting it within the first half-hour. Students had the opportunity to get fake tattoos, take pictures in front of cool decorated backdrops, and walk around with friends on the track or sit on the bleachers.
The day was a perfect mix between class time and fun, easing students back into the school year after the summer. Students went to attend classes to meet their teachers and see who what friends were in their new classes, and having extra time at the end of the day to hang out with friends was an added bonus that was unexpected. The field day did a great job of demonstrating that, even though the weather was extremely hot as it is August in California. Overall, the first day of school was a success for the entirety of the students and staff, and the efforts of administration and ASB are very appreciated.


Regular Tradition of “The First Day of School” was Broken With a New Experience

Photo by Noa Noh

The first day of school brought along cheerful friend reunions, an introduction to new classes, a similar feeling of starting a new school year afresh, and… a Husky Pride Field Day! The day started normally: finding your 1st-period class and going to each class until your 6th period, but this regular tradition of “the first day of school” was broken with a new experience of concluding the day with a fun-filled field day. All of the students gathered on the Husky Stadium field, where there were many activities planned out for everyone. In the middle of the field, there was a giant jumping house, different tents stationed around each of the football field where students were able to retire and chat with friends, even a DJ, and various food trucks such as Chick- fil- a and Kona Ice. Amidst the scorching rays of the sun, it was hard not to enjoy the fair, and even though the weather may have been an obstacle for some, students were provided with a long period of time to enjoy the time together. The efforts of the school administration team and those who helped plan out the fair day was very encouraging to see, and their hard work in planning this event really showed through the positive outcome. The field day really helped boost school spirit that may have been needed to fuel the rest of the first week of school. Overall, it was a very nice additive to the first day, as it provided an opportunity for friends to catch up and talk about what they did during the summer, and another rare opportunity for the entire school population to gather together and connect through all the different events that were available at the field day. Although this year was the first time Chino Hills High School provided an event like the field day, I hope that they will see how helpful the field day was to the student population, and provide another fun-filled first day for next year.

Students Have a Great Time at the Husky Pride Field Day

The first day of school marks the end of summer and the start of a new school year. Although students may dread this date Chino Hills High School gave the students something to look forward to after classes. After 6th period they had all the students walk out to the football field and have a great time at the Husky Pride Field day

Photo by Nicholas Grobecker

This gave a fresh twist to the normal school day and left most students happy they came. You could relax and hang out with friends whether that meant dancing and having fun or finding a cool place to escape the sun. Overall, this event was in many ways a great day for the school overall.

The field day was a good event, but what made it great was the food that was available for the students to purchase. If you were looking for something sweet you could go and get a cold Kona Ice to feed your sweet tooth. If you were looking for something more savory you could stop by Chick-fil-a and get a chicken sandwich. This was very popular with the students as they ran out of food before the fair even ended. If you were looking for something to save you from the heat you could get an ice-cold lemonade for only a dollar. You could also get a smoothie blended with the power of a bicycle. The faster you pedal, the faster you blend the smoothie. This showed the students a clean form of energy and that all that you had to do to blend the smoothie was pedaling the bike. The food was definitely one of the best parts of the event.

Another good part of the field day was all the activities that the students were able to participate in. There were things like inflatable twister and inflatable soccer. During inflatable soccer, you would join teams and play against each other. This was fun for the students because this puts a fresh twist on a regular game of soccer. During an inflatable twister, many students could play a game of twister with friends and just have fun.

Photo by Nicholas Grobecker

Perhaps the best part of the whole fair was the music. The DJ would play the music that appealed to the students and this got many of them dancing. This is more than likely most students favorite part of the fair and one thing is for sure, that this was a great way to start of the 2019 school year.


A Good Way to Start Freshman Year! 

Fun and the exciting first day of school! Monday, August 12th our Huskies had their first day of school, and why not enjoy the first day of school with a fair to celebrate incoming freshmen and the return of all other grades? The fair had lots of fun stuff such as Chick fil a, Kona Ice, Starbucks and so much more! They also had fun jump houses with obstacle courses, airbrush tattoos, and tons of good music. The first day of school Husky Pride field day was the place to be.

Being a freshman in a new school can be kind of nerve-racking, but having a field day on the first day is a good way to start the school year and get your nerves out of the way. You got to enjoy time with your friends, dancing and having fun. There was good food too, although the lines were long it was definitely worth the wait. It was very hot that day so your energy was taken away from you faster, and there was Kona Ice and Dip n Dots to help cool you down. During the fair, there was a huge dance circle where you could dance with your friends and meet new people.

There was also seating in the bleachers so you could get away from the loud music and talk and relax with your friends till the end of the day. When you looked around there was nobody, not having fun or hanging out with their friends, it was a good day to meet new people and have a fun day. Despite the heat and the long lines, this was a good way to start freshman year!

Photo by Nicholas Grobecker

I hope there are many more fun events for us this year. In conclusion, this was a great way to start off our school year, because we got to go outside and enjoy half of the day with your friends dancing and talking. The first day was a very good experience to the start of a new school year and it should be very fun and special throughout the rest of the year.


This Was a Great Way to Kick Off the School Year!

Photo by Nicholas Grobecker

Big, and bold! The Husky Pride Field Day was full of excitement and a new fresh start for the new school year. This was a great way to kick off the school year! At the event, you could see everyone having fun and joining the games on a very hot day. There were many things to do starting off with obstacle courses, food trucks, drink stands, and music that contained dance-offs and so much more!

Once you were on the field there was no way you wanted to leave!   When going into the stadium as a freshman you could feel the excitement and I got butterflies because it was like a whole other world full of fun and friends. Along those lines, you could also make so many friends or even catch up with old ones.

One thing I wish about the field day was that it would have been less hot because that had drained many people as well as making you sweaty and sticky. Other than the day being hot you could still have so much fun and eat some Chick-fil-a or any other snacks that they had there.  In the final analysis of the field day, I could see that the enjoyment of others enables you to be excited and enjoy your time as well. I would like to give thanks to our new principal for letting this happen and being so kind. Also thanks to everyone who lets this special day happen.

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