Photos by Julia Craig, Paige Faia, Azucena Figueroa

Husky Pride Week 2019

September 4, 2019

Husky Pride Week is the week before the big game… Battle of the Bone! Each day of the week had a different spirit day theme. It was funny and a fun week with the students who participated each day to show their Husky Pride. Monday was Battle of the Memes Day that was pretty funny, I saw people dressed up as Peppa Pig, Salt Bae, the Rock, Vsco girls, and so much more. I think the Battle of the Memes was definitely a good way to start the spirit week. Tuesday, was the Battle of the Squads- Twin day was to try to get as many people to dress like you. My friends and I did a white top and black pants and we tried to get as many people to do it and there was a good amount of people who did and it was pretty fun. I also saw a lot of other people with their friends and that was cool. Wednesday was a battle of the classes so since I am a freshman, I wore purple because that is my class color People either wore clothing the color purple or the class shirts have the year that you graduate like for me 2023 in my class color. A pretty good amount of people dressed this day to support their class. Thursday was dress in black to prepare for the battle a lot of people did this one when I walked into the school it was like a blackout with all the people dressed in black. The days were getting shorter and shorter leading up to the Battle of the Bone. Friday was Husky green and blue day because it was a rally day and a lot of people did this one to support our football team and the school. We also had a rally and I saw a lot of people in spirit colors there too.


Husky Pride Week Day 1: Battle of the Memes

On Monday, August 19, 2019, the students of Chino Hills High School entered the campus, smiling and laughing with their friends, as they embodied their favorite internet treasures, also known as memes. In order to prepare for the infamous Battle of the Bone football game, Husky Pride week was put in place for the Huskies to show off their spirit and get excited about the upcoming game. Meme Day was certainly, a great way to start the week, as the students imitated some of their favorite crazes from the internet. A very common meme that most students dressed up as was the “She doesn’t even go here!” meme from the movie Mean Girls. This served as a popular meme to impersonate due to the low effort it required. Although it only took a black hoodie and sunglasses to bring this meme to life, the students who imitated it brought laughter and joy among the students who love the movie Mean Girls, and people who just love memes in general. Compared to the low maintenance of this popular meme, some students pulled out all the stops for their meme impersonation. For example, student, Julia Craig, went thrifting with her mom to purchase an outfit identical to the one of her chosen meme. Others wore more unique outfits to imitate memes such as Kermit the Frog, “Prison Mike”, and The Rock. Overall, Meme Day at Chino Hills High School was a success, and the number of dedicated students put in to transform into their memes was incredible. This spirit day definitely increased the enthusiasm and excitement for Battle of the Bone, and I can assure you that our Huskies showed their spirit for the big game.

Meme Day a Memorable Way to Start Husky Pride Week.

Photo by Isabella Kendrena

As students entered a poster-filled and heavily decorated campus on Monday, August, 19 many were filled with enthusiasm and excitement. Monday was the first day of the Husky Pride Week, and students had much to look forward to. Each day during the week consisted of a fun spirit day, encouraging Huskies to be as spirited as they can for the upcoming rivalry football game against Ayala High School, Battle of the Bone. Monday’s spirit day was Meme Day, and it was a memorable way to start Husky Pride week.

This spirit day gave students an opportunity to show off their sense of humor, have fun, and of course, share their favorite memes with fellow students.I interviewed several students who participated in Meme Day and they were excited to share, which memes they were dressed as. Senior, Stacy Arellano, wore a hoodie and sunglasses

and imitated the Mean Girls meme. She explained, “I thought dressing as this meme would be fun because the outfit was easy to put together and my friends and I love the movie Mean Girls.” Another Senior and president of the Art Club, Frankie Reyes, painted a picture of her favorite meme to display in her classes. Her painting, entitled “Surprised Patrick” depicted Spongebob Squarepants character, Patrick Star, with a surprised expression on his face. Frankie shared, “I painted this meme because it is a very relatable meme, and I feel like everyone has experienced the same emotion that Patrick has. I was happy to participate in this spirit day because I was able to show off my Husky pride, and my love for this amazing school.”

Photo by Isabella Kendrena

Photo by Isabella Kendrena

Meme Day was very successful and it was great knowing that the majority of students participated. Students had such a positive reaction to this spirit day because it is so unique and allowed students to be creative with their attire. I hope that Meme Day will become a tradition at Chino Hills High School and that students in the upcoming generations can proudly represent their favorite memes.

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