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Battle of the Bone 2019

September 5, 2019

Battle of the Bone 2019

Battle of the Bone 2019


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On August 24, 2019, Chino Hills High School held its 16th annual Battle of the Bone football game against Ayala High School. There is always a lot of anticipation leading up to this event, but this year, the stakes were at their highest. The tension from last year’s devastating loss still lingered, however, our Huskies were excited and determined to win. This year, the game took place at Ayala, and both sides were packed with students. Everyone in the Chino Hills Dog Pound coordinated in all white, which united us and helped lift our spirits.

The excitement as the first quarter took off was through the roof, and the typical cheers from ASB began to take place. Our students remained energetic and encouraging through the first half, but it was not until the third quarter to the game and the crowd got very intense. Throughout the third quarter, people in the Dog Pound attempted to crowd surf, sparking captivating energy from the crowd.

Meanwhile, the game started to become hopeful and exciting, as our team scored the first touchdown of the game. Shortly after this touchdown was scored our Dog Pound went wild, and we celebrated by throwing blue and green powder into the air. Unfortunately, our celebration came too soon, as the Bulldogs came back and scored to tie the game 7-7. This trend of scoring back-to-back seemed to continue throughout the rest of the game, and when the fourth quarter hit, Chino Hills became shocked with the ending result.

At the end of the fourth quarter, Chino Hills was leading 29-21, and amazingly Ayala managed to score another touchdown with 0.7 seconds left in the game, tying the score. Rather than going into overtime, our team took a risk to play for two instead, which unfortunately did not work in our favor. Ayala ended up winning the game with a score of 29-28, however, both teams played hard and put up a good fight. Although this was not the result most students were hoping for, the electric energy of the Dog Pound and intensity of the game made the experience fun and entertaining overall.

A Thrilling Battle of the Bone


Photo by Giselle Orozco

Saturday, August 24 was an exhilarating day for students at Chino Hills High School as a result of the annual football game against Ayala High School known as the Battle of the Bone. The two weeks prior to the highly anticipated game were extremely spirited and consisted of CHHS students preparing and hoping to take back the bone from our loss last year.

Tickets went on sale at the student store the Tuesday before the game for students with an ASB card, and Wednesday for those who had a regular ID or wanted to buy more tickets. On the day of the game, students prepared by going out with their friends beforehand, heading to the game early, and wearing white to match the “white-out” theme. The gates to the bleachers opened at 5:30, allowing students to pick a spot to sit before the 7:00 o’clock start time.

The cheer and song teams were already performing by this time, with the football players practicing on the field before the big game. The tension between the two schools was intense despite the not so close proximity of the two sides of the bleachers. The game started off fairly slow, with the first two quarters composing a score of 0 to 0. However, the third quarter started off with some excitement, as the Huskies scored a touchdown and then three more.

In the mix of Husky spell outs, chants, and baby blue and green powder filling the air, confidence consumed the Dog Pound and the goal of getting the bone back did not seem too far out of reach. The final eleven seconds proved everyone wrong when Ayala scored a touchdown, boosting the game from 28 to 21 to 28 to 29, leaving the Huskies with a second to make any points. Despite the hard work and effort from the Chino Hills football team, the Huskies failed to take back the bone for the second year in a row, resulting in low spirits from everyone who attended the event. Even though we lost, it is important to remember to take honor in CHHS and represent Husky pride to the fullest extent. 


Saturday Night Football Game


Photo by Giselle Orozco

At 7 pm on Saturday, August 24th the Chino Hills High School football team went to Ayala High School to take back what was rightfully theirs, the dogbone trophy. Once you got into the stadium you could feel the tension. Both sides were battling to show their school pride. The game started off with both teams at zero, everyone was very anxious as the Bulldogs were only 20 yards away from getting the first touchdown of the game but then the Huskies snatched the football stooping the bulldogs and seeing this the Huskies in the stands going wild shouting and stomping. Once the Huskies got the football they were only 10 yards from the first touchdown and the Huskies in the stands were only getting more excited. Than boom first touchdown of the game went to the Huskies, when the Huskies saw this everyone in the stands was roaring with cheers and applauds, the field was moving around with excitement.

The game was looking up for the Huskies. Once everything died down the Huskies kicked off the ball to the Bulldogs and on the Bulldogs 3rd down the Huskies intercepted the ball making the second touchdown of the game, the Huskies really felt that things were looking up for them.

Once the excitement died down Ayala tried to keep their spirits up. Once again the ball went back to the Bulldogs. There was a lot of back and forth in the game with each team feeling tension.

As the Bulldogs got closer to the goal line the Huskies felt a bit anxious but trying their best to hold onto faith but their faith wasn’t good enough because the Bulldogs ended up getting the touchdown. Everyone was keeping the spirit up for their team each hoping for their team to score.

The score went back and forth, the Huskies getting a touchdown than the Bulldogs than the Huskies but than the Bulldogs caught up to the Huskies. With it being the 4th quarter everyone was getting anxious cheering their team on, the Bulldogs were on the goal line and all they needed was one touchdown to tie the game but sadly the Bulldogs got the touchdown they had a choice between a field goal or the two-point conversion and they chose the two-point conversion.

The Huskies in the stands grew more and more anxious, scared of what was to come but they kept their spirits high for the team. The Huskies stood up cheering the team on. The Bulldogs called hut and threw the ball, everyone watched scared or excited the Huskies cheered the team on but then the Bulldogs caught the ball. The Huskies were deeply upset but the still had 0.7 seconds so the Huskies in the stands shouted cheering the team on. The kick-off started and the Huskies got the ball they ran as much as possible and made it to the 50-yard line leaving 0.1 seconds left.

This was it, this was our future. The quarterback threw the ball everyone watched terrified of what to come. One player tried to catch it but missed. The Bulldogs jumped around and cheered with excitement while the Huskies fell down defeated and angry asking “What if someone did something the littlest bit different ?” Once the game was over the Huskies left angry and upset about what had just happened. The Huskies may have lost this year but it doesn’t mean they should give up. Next year will be the year that the Chino Hills Huskies will get their Dogbone trophy back.


Photo by Julia Craig

Battle of the Bone 2K19

Saturday, August 24th, the annual Battle of the Bone kicked off the Chino Hills High School football season with an exciting start. The Ayala – Chino Hills rivalry football game has been played since 2003, with Chino Hills being 11-5 in the Battle of the Bone games. Unfortunately, the Huskies lost 29-28 this year, but it was a well-fought game against the Bulldogs.

With Chino Hills being the visiting team this year, the visitors’ side was jam-packed with students and parents. The Husky student section’s theme was white out this year, with a majority of the dog pound rocking the new dog pound shirts. Throughout the whole game, the crowd was on their feet, cheering and getting hyped. ASB and cheer kept the crowd going with Husky spell outs and several other chants. The school spirit and Husky Pride was evident with students rooting on the Husky football players.

Before the game started, a moment of silence was shared for Coach Busch. He was an offensive line coach for the Huskies, who recently passed away. The game then got started. The first half of the game was defensive, with no points being scored for either team. In the second half, the Chino Hills offense came alive, quickly scoring two touchdowns. An impressive interception by Eli Iverson got the crowd going and helped the Huskies get downfield. Ayala’s offense got to work as well and captured momentum. In the last minute of the game, Chino Hills was up 28-21. The Bulldogs had possession and moved the ball efficiently. With 0.7 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Ayala scored a touchdown. The Bulldogs proceeded to take the risk of going for the two-point conversion and unfortunate for the Huskies it worked. Ayala made the two-point conversion to win the game. It was a well-fought game on both sides of the ball and the Huskies have an exciting season ahead of them. Go Huskies!

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