Ancient Greece Themed Rally Kicks-Off 2019 Fall Sports Season


Hannah Nelson, Staff Writer

On Friday, August 23, Leadership and ASB students put on a rally at Chino Hills High School. The rally was Ancient Greece themed, and while many fall sports were recognized girls tennis, girls golf, cross country, girls volleyball, and boys water polo being among them, the rally was really all about the Battle of the Bone. All of the games at the rally related to the upcoming game. The object of the two games was to find a dog treat or bone, and one game involved throwing a football at a red target ascribed with the letter “A.” The football team was the last to be honored in the rally and sent on their way to hopefully win back the “bone,” which Chino Hills lost to Ayala last year. After this, the tradition of the “Husky spell out” was carried out in an untraditional way. The cheer is usually done class by class, but on Friday, however, all of the students present at each of the two rallies were asked to perform the Husky

Photo by Paige Faia

spell out simultaneously and were invited down to the floor to do so. This was to promote the idea of unity, that we are one school, and that as one school we would win the Battle of the Bone. Students were sent away from the rally being reminded to go to the game the next day. The first rally of the year is usually about the Battle of the Bone, the yearly varsity football game against our rival school, Ayala. This rally combined this with the fall sports, honoring the fall athletes but with a strong focus on the impending “battle.” This almost-laser focus allowed students to get excited about the football game but also allowed the fall athletes to have their moment in front of the school. This seemed to be a relatively effective format for the rally, serving two purposes at once, both of which were served fully, games, performances, cheers, and all.