Just Another Day in the Husky Rally!


Photo by Tiffany Chen

Zoe Tuan, Staff Writer

Good morning, afternoon, night, day, week Huskies! Let’s talk about the rally, shall we? It was quite insane, definitely worth the hype I have to say. The theme was interesting, to say the least; with guys wearing nothing but a toga and a bunch of white face paint being plastered onto people. The mini-games were hilarious to watch, congratulations to the ones who won the BOTB tickets! Let’s all wish our fall sports good luck this season and that we bring back wins! The upperclassmen hope our new freshmen this year enjoyed their first rally and that we didn’t disappoint! Even though we didn’t win BOTB, our school spirit will stay high through next year, so don’t doubt the Huskies, we’ll get ‘em next time! Thank you to Band for an amazing performance, you all did great and I’m sure that all the practice after school was worth it. Thanks to both dance teams! You all definitely hyped and gave life to the crowd! Lastly, thanks to the cheerleaders who performed for us! Great choreography and team spirit. I couldn’t imagine going through those hard routines you all performed. Of course, our MC’s outdid it with the Husky Spell-Out. One of my favorite moments of the rally since everyone stood up and did the chant! Also, the decorations and posters in this rally were exceptional! The hard work that was put into the making of the posters can be seen and the pillars in the back of the gym were a sight and a wonder on how our ASB did it. However, that’s just another day in the Husky Rally!