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Tik Tok Club

September 22, 2019


Photo by Ava Kendrena

Club Rush week can always be an exciting time for many students. It allows students to create clubs about things they’re passionate about and helps students get involved with their school and peers. Even though the school houses many clubs the one club that I decided to write about being the Tik Tok club. Tik Tok (once known as is a type of social media platform that people can share videos, make Memes, and post things that they enjoy doing. This has brought about many famous dances, Memes, and songs. With Tik Tok being such a hit, it blew up this summer. Luckily, some awesome Huskies brought Tik Tok over to Chino Hills!! How great. The club members assured their fellow peers that they would gain fame on the popular app and have many followers. So far the club has posted two videos into their Tik Tok page and we hope to see more soon! Tik Tok is an app that gives many people the creative freedom to post what they would like. This includes Minecraft, cheer/gymnastics, art, pranks, sims, storytimes, and much more. Many people have gotten in on it. From teens to parents to teachers!

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