Music, Posters, People, Banners, Talking… Its Club Rush Week!


Photo by Paige Faia

Taylor Poles, Staff Writer

As a freshman, this is my first club rush and it was fun walking around and seeing all the different clubs the school has to offer. The people that were signing up members stood in front of their club table convincing me to join.

I did sign up for a few clubs like the Key Club, Volunteering in the Hills, and the Tik Tok club. I am pretty happy with the clubs I joined because they are fun and some of them are beneficial to my life and other people’s lives.

As the year goes on I will probably join some other clubs. I think everyone should at least do one club. Because not all the clubs are super serious and are related to a topic with school, some are but some aren’t like for example the Tik Tok club that will definitely be a fun club to be in.

The club rush itself was pretty cool, the event was a little loud and I couldn’t hear my friends talk to me, but it was nice to see all the clubs you could join and the set up was good. Most of the clubs had a sheet to give you information and some with a Remind code so if there was a long line to sign up you could sign up and get all the information there.

Club Rush was definitely a good thing and I am glad I got to see all the clubs we have at school. Having Club Rush week definitely helps us out so that we can see what clubs we have and we don’t have to go searching everywhere for information.