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September 12, 2019


New Disney Club Tries to Make CHHS the Happiest Place on Earth


Photo by Azucena Figueroa

Seeing booths for various clubs during Club Rush in past years, Ani Sancianco was not quite satisfied with the clubs she saw offered. She had always wanted to see a Disney club. Now a senior, Ani decided to do something about it. She went about establishing her club, looking for a staff advisor, collecting members, and writing a club constitution. This year, the Disney Club has been officially established and has participated in Club Rush, where various clubs use posters, candy, and their loudest voices to attract members from the student body.

To Ani, the idea that there should be a Disney club seemed perfectly reasonable and an obvious one. She says that Disney movies are beloved by all. Why else would
children and adults alike show up to the theme parks dressed as their favorite characters, she asks. If Disney is so loved and enjoyed, why shouldn’t there be (and why wasn’t there yet) a Disney club on campus?

Since the club is new this year, Ani, the President of the club and the one representing it at Club Rush, has gotten a lot of questions about what the club does.
She says her vision for the club is for it to be a place “where students can embrace
their inner child and imagination by engaging in many different Disney-related
crafts, take a break from the stress and bring nostalgia by watching fan-favorite movies,
sing their favorite Disney tunes, and many more Disney-related activities.” That being said, Ani is open to ideas from members about what they want to do. The club is really a place for anyone who loves Disney and is open for them to bring their own suggestions on how to enjoy Disney together. Really, the club is about having fun.

The Endangered Species Club

The Endangered Species Club

Photo by Paige Faia

The Endangered Species club is a club that hosts fundraisers to help prevent animals from going extinct. They even go on mini field trips to zoos, aquariums, etc. to learn how they can help the endangered species. They are currently in the works of a trip to an aquarium. The Endangered Species club is a good way to help the animals around you because they are very essential to our world and just joining this club will make you feel better about yourself because you know you’re making an impact on the wildlife. If you have a passion for animals and helping everything around you that you should consider joining the Endangered Species club.

Volleyball Club


Photo by Ava Kendrena

Chino Hills High School held “Club Rush”– an event that takes place during lunch, allowing students to see and sign up for all 65 clubs we have on campus. Because there are so many clubs trying to gain members at the same time, Club Rush was quite chaotic. Presidents and members of various clubs were doing everything they could in order to grasp the attention of potential students joining, however, Volleyball Club really knew how to stick out in the crowd. By bringing actual volleyballs for students to play with, people were able to have fun and interact, making Volleyball Club a popular club to join.

Luckily, I was able to speak with the president of Volleyball Club, Jack Lin (12), who was able to tell me a little more about why this club is important to him, and what inspired him to start it. According to Jack, “I wanted to start the club to raise awareness about volleyball, and get more people involved in the sport. People tend to think that volleyball is mostly a girl’s sport, but in reality, guys can play too! In addition, by making this club, I am hoping that I can influence the school to make a Boy’s Volleyball team.” Jack also wants students to know that you do not have to be really skilled at volleyball to join the club, and you can just come to play some games and have fun! The first Volleyball Club meeting will be on Wednesdays in Room 148, and it will continue to have games and meetings throughout the year.

Hip Hop Club


Photo by Ava Kendrena

Every year, Chino Hills High has a showing of all the schools most prestigious clubs in attempts to get younger new students to find ways to participate in school activities. For the last 11 years, Chino Hills Hip Hop Club has been one of the most desirable clubs to be a part of. The club exudes fun and excitement through dance. People view others dancing and can’t help but feel jubilant. Every year, people are drawn to the Hip Hop Club booth due to the clubs, exciting break dancing and the fun music that is being played. People come and some even join in on the dancing. The group fun tends to cause many to want to join the club and participate in the activities. Many people have joined to improve their dancing skills while also having fun with people who also enjoy dancing. Matthew Gayle, a senior at Chino Hills, stated that “Hip Hop Club is a place where anyone can go and just hang out with people. The people that attend are all

Photo by Ava Kendrena

so relaxed and the officers won’t force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.” As one of Chino Hill’s oldest clubs, Hip Hop Club has proven to be one of the most joyous clubs in the school that gives a variety of activities to do for various people. From break dancing to Becoming a DJ, Hip Hop Club can help you improve on anything hip hop-related. The club often has professional teachers come to further develop the student’s skills.


Podcasting Club


Photo by Azucena Figueroa

During Club Rush week, students had the opportunity to advertise their clubs to other students. They could also check out and join some of the various, diverse clubs that were offered here on campus. There are many different clubs in Chino Hills High School. I’ve heard that there are even approximately 73 clubs here!
Some of the clubs we have here at Chino Hills High School include (but are not limited to): Key Club, Polynesian Club, Volunteering in the Hills Club, and Music Appreciation Club. While walking through Club Rush, one club, in particular, caught my attention. That club was the Podcasting Club. I stopped by the Podcasting Club’s booth to sign up for the club, and also to chat with some of the members for more information about the club. The more I talked to them about the club, the more interested I was in it. Podcasting Club meets every Friday at lunch in Mr. Misawa’s room (Room 267). The club is for anyone who wants to have their voices heard and who want to talk about subjects that they are passionate about.
The main podcast (called The Bark ) will be talking about general topics, ranging from movies to life experiences. Members of this club will have the chance to be part of the different roles such as podcast speakers, tech support, scriptwriters, and editors. Besides the main podcast, the club will also create more podcasts that focus on more niche topics like video games, politics, and Anime. This year, the club’s president is junior Kris Nino. He will be leading the club along with a team of student officers. Overall, Podcasting Club seems like a fantastic and fun club. I’m very excited to be a part of it. I can’t wait to be working with other like-minded individuals to create various podcasts. So be on the lookout Huskies, and be sure to listen to The Bark as soon as it gets released

Volunteering Club


A way to help the community thrive and letting the world be a better place. Volunteering is the way to go. I need it for one of my classes, plus I thought it’d be a cool experience. Volunteering is a great way to have a better chance of getting into college, so it will look good on your college application. It is a way to give back to the community. And there are no fees! Yet if you volunteer it will show how much you care about the world and how you’re trying to do something great in the community. So let’s all go join the volunteering club so that the world will be cleaner and a better place. The club is an easy way of getting some hours of community service. It can really help if you have a class that needs you to give some community service hours. Help out and show love to the world that keeps us alive today.


Roll For Initiative: Dungeons and Dragons Club


Photo by Azucena Figueroa

From August 26th to the 30th, Chino Hills High School enjoyed its club rush. Students got to go through what was kind of a fair and look into a variety of clubs to join and enjoy their passions. As a member of one of those clubs, I would like to take the opportunity to advertise. Have you ever wanted to be an adventurer, cast magic spells, find cool loot, and defeat evil monsters? Our Dungeons and Dragons club is a great place to do all of those things and more. The club focuses on the tabletop roleplaying game D&D. In the game, you and a group of friends make fictional characters that you get to play as if you are them in a fictional setting made and ran by one friend who serves as the dungeon master or DM. The DM decides what the setting is, what happens in it, and what happens when players do certain things. While the DM has that much power, the players themselves are free to do whatever they want. If you can think of something you want to do in the game, you are allowed to do it. The DM may give a lead to a quest that could lead into a dungeon full of ghosts, but instead, you may want to start a bar and see what kind of shenanigans you can get yourself into. The club is overseen by Mr. Fawcett in room 271 after school every Wednesday. If you were to join at any time the DMs will work to figure out where to place you in the club so you can play with a group of people. You’ll get to make a character with almost no restrictions, and enjoy your time in a mystical world with other players. If you are truly interested in a magical experience, you should definitely join the D&D club!

A Friend In Me Club


Club Rush Week at Chino Hills High School can be a hectic time for those in charge of clubs. Club Officers put in an immense amount of effort to create club tables and posters that are appealing enough for students to join the clubs that they have worked so hard to establish. As students crowded into Center Ice on August 28, 2019, to embark on their club search, one club was hopeful in catching their attention.

A Friend in Me Club was created by club president, Serra Vithlani, in 2017. Serra partnered with the A Friend In Me non-profit organization to promote AFIM’s message and to get Chino Hills High students involved in the organization’s mission. The A Friend In Me organization strives to make the hospital a positive atmosphere for children in the pediatric wing. They work hard to ensure that illness will not prevent children from having a happy childhood that they deserve by planning events in the hospital that allow patients to socialize, have fun, and be themselves. Some of the events that A Friend In Me organizes are movie nights and a Prom.
The club contributes to the organization’s mission in many ways, such as making cards for children in the hospital and making them holiday decorations for their rooms.

This has been a memorable Club Rush for A Friend in Me club officers, as I asked them to discuss what the club means to them, and their favorite moments of being involved. Serra Vithlani reminisced on the club’s upbringing by sharing, “I wanted to bring A Friend in Me to CHHS to spread pediatric cancer awareness and give students an opportunity to volunteer to a great cause. My favorite part of being involved is visiting and getting to know the children.” Vice President, Ava Kendrena described Club Rush this year as, “chaotic, but the mayhem is worth it because we are able to spread the word about a worthy organization and help others. My favorite part of the club is making cards for the children and brightening their day.” More than thirty people have already signed up to be a part of A Friend in Me Club, making it a successful Club Rush for the club’s officers.

Indian Culture Club


Amongst the plethora of clubs advertised at Club Rush, one in particular that stood out to me was the Indian Culture Club. The club has been running for one year now, and members are ready to enter their second year in the club’s existence. Held in Room 240, Ms.Schemmp’s room, Indian Culture club has met on the first Monday of every month. Club president Nishtha Mistry discussed the plans for the club’s future, including events like henna tattoos during the first meeting, color fights during the Indian Festival of Color “Holi”, and much more. The club’s main goal is to share the beauty of the Indian Culture to the Huskies of Chino Hills High School. Because Indian culture is often overlooked by many, the club hopes to introduce members of the club to a new and exciting viewpoint in order to show the culture that makes them so unique. They plan to create activities for the event-based off of the Indian holidays and events, such as Diwali, the festival of lights, and Holi, the festival of color. With exciting things like new Indian food that most may not have tried, the club is open to all, Indian or not. For example, last year the club held an activity with Rangoli, where the club gave members colored powder to make works of art with. The Indian Culture Club is one you should definitely check out, and attending their meetings is a great way to get a taste of what’s to come in this upcoming year.

Tik Tok Club


Photo by Ava Kendrena

Club Rush week can always be an exciting time for many students. It allows students to create clubs about things they’re passionate about and helps students get involved with their school and peers. Even though the school houses many clubs the one club that I decided to write about being the Tik Tok club. Tik Tok (once known as musical.ly) is a type of social media platform that people can share videos, make Memes, and post things that they enjoy doing. This has brought about many famous dances, Memes, and songs. With Tik Tok being such a hit, it blew up this summer. Luckily, some awesome Huskies brought Tik Tok over to Chino Hills!! How great. The club members assured their fellow peers that they would gain fame on the popular app and have many followers. So far the club has posted two videos into their Tik Tok page and we hope to see more soon! Tik Tok is an app that gives many people the creative freedom to post what they would like. This includes Minecraft, cheer/gymnastics, art, pranks, sims, storytimes, and much more. Many people have gotten in on it. From teens to parents to teachers!

Husky Nation Club


Photo by Paige Faia

August 26, 2019, marked the beginning of club rush week at Chino Hills High. Club rush week is a week where student-made clubs gathered during lunch to try and get more people to join their clubs. This was a great way for the students to get to know what clubs were accepting members and it was also a great way for students to meet new people. There were clubs for any type of person, whether you’re into playing video games, popular T.V. shows like The Office, or just want to use your time for good by helping the environment. No matter who you are, there was a club for you. With so many choices, it was hard to pick a club that was the most important, but I felt that the Husky Nation club was one of the most if not the most important clubs in the school. The Husky Nation Club is a club created for the purpose of highlighting students that are making a difference in the world. They don’t just write about students who are the coolest or more popular, but they write about the people who are changing the world for the better. This could add more motivation for students to do great things just to get themselves written about in the club. This acts as a reward for doing something good even if it’s not necessarily a material gift. People who can be written about can range from freshman all the way to senior no matter who they are, it just depends on their actions and nothing else. For all these reasons that is why I chose to write about this club. Their morals are all correct and this club stands for something that is right, not something that is popular. This club promotes good behavior and is a club that I would recommend to any students looking to make a difference.

Polynesian Intuition


Throughout all of the third week of Chino Hills High’s 2019-2020 year, most of the 70+ clubs sought to find incoming and current Huskies who found interest within their confines. Clubs like Office Breakfast, Model UN, Alternative, and Hip Hop pushed to find their new wave of members. Whether or not these were freshmen, juniors, sophomores or seniors, many people found their new adventures in this school year. A club that founded much success recruiting was the Polynesian club. Having been a club since 2001, the Polynesian club is one of the most tenured and somewhat overlooked clubs nowadays. the Polynesian club, to give a rough overview, is a club dedicated to dancing, traditional Hawaiian and Tahitian dance, however, the style has strayed off course. The club has been only totaling around 30 members per year these past three years, having gone relatively off the radar. This, however, has somewhat turned around this year. With more than 50 sign-ups during Club rush and a passionate older Husky population. The club is on a definite upswing. However, This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing to the idea that this club will continue, and a curse for the same reasons. This club will not have a boy leader that is experienced after this year and the girls will only have two set board members. With this new wave of Huskies, this school year is seemingly on an explosive resurgence and very hopeful for the future. This year’s club is looking to excite and find its footing within Chino Hills High School!

Polynesian Club

Photo by Jasmine Morales

Club rush week was to get students to get involved in the varieties of interesting and unique clubs. They had clubs like Key Club, Video Game Club, LGBTQ club and many more. but the one club that caught my attention was the Polynesian club.

The Polynesian club is where students are able to learn traditional hula dances. Hula is a Polynesian type of dance accompanied by a chant (oli) or song (mele, a Fijian
language cognate of “meke”). The Polynesians who initially settled there created it in the Hawaiian Islands.

The hula dramatizes or depicts in a graphic dance type the words of the oli or mele. This will be their 18th year training new incomers the way of the hula. Both presidents were kind and are very excited to teach students who want to learn about Polynesian dances and the history behind them. They know that with practice their new team can be ready as ever for their first dance in front of many. I can’t wait to see what I will learn next week at their very first meeting! Come join the Polynesian club and get to know people who are willing to learn parts of another culture. Today

Polynesian Club


Photo by Picture source: Alex Domingo

Club Rush week was an exciting week! There were many returning, but also new clubs that were showcased. I am more than sure that there was a club for everyone out there! One club that caught my attention was the Polynesian Club. they handed out cute lei’s when you signed up. Their small performance was also very cute to watch. Alex Domingo, a member of the Polynesian Club provided information about the club for us! If you don’t know what the Polynesian Club is, the club is where you get to learn and practice dances while getting to know each other. The club is like a family, as seen in the picture. As said by Alex Domingo, her favorite part about the club is meeting new people and making the best out of the practices. She joined the club because the idea of dancing and doing the hula was an appealing aspect to her, as it seemed fun to learn how to dance. So, if you’re a fan of dancing or are interested in dancing, I recommend joining the Polynesian Club! It’s good exercise and it’s a great place to meet new friends and have a new family. I even recommend joining if you’re not the best at dancing because making the new friends and members are all worth it! If you’re interested, their practices are on Thursdays outside of the mods in the front! Meetings aren’t every week, only if there are important announcements that are needed to be said, however, they are on Tuesdays!

MEChA Club


Photo by Azucena Figueroa

MEChA Club is from the organization MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan) that
seeks to promote Chicano unity and empowerment through political action. The acronym of the club also
sounds like match in english and coincidentally means spark in Spanish. The spark is symbolic as in inspiring people to join the movement. The motto of MEChA is ‘La Union Hace La Fuerza’. Anyone is invited to join as the club is inclusive and not closed just to Chicanos. The club meets on Thursdays and for more information join their Remind. A fascinating thing about the club was that two applications
were submitted from two different people. These people realized they could work together and became co-presidents and joined the two groups together.

Operation Smile Stands Out at Club Rush Week


Photo by Alyssa Gordon

Club rush week is looked forward to by many students at Chino Hills High because it indicates a new school year and an opportunity to join different clubs. Freshmen may have gotten a taste of what Club Rush is like at freshman orientation, but the week of August 26 to August 30 was another chance to join clubs that sparked people’s interest. There really is a club for everyone on campus with some
involving talent like drawing while others work with volunteering. One such club is Operation Smile, a club funding surgeries for children born with cleft palates and cleft lips. The surgery can be extremely expensive for those in need of it, and the club fundraising makes surgeries available for the children that can’t afford it. There are so many surgeries every year and the help from fundraising make some operations possible. The club puts on several fundraisers throughout the year, such as last year when they sold Boba outside of the school’s front entrance. Through raising money, the group makes it clear that members do not necessarily have to donate to the cause, they have to be willing to volunteer. It is a great way to gain volunteer hours, but also a way to give back and promote a great organization. Club meetings are every first Wednesday of the month in room 253 and the group is supervised by Mrs. Stow. The club also has a Remind for those who are interested, just text @opsmile5 to 81010. This group is making a difference on campus and for people around the world, so make sure to stop by a meeting if you want to become involved.

Video Game Club


Photo by Azucena Figueroa

At Chino Hills High School all week from August 26 to August 30 the high school had a fun event called Club Rush to help students join clubs at the school. There were many clubs to see and to join. Club Rush has taken place in front of Center Ice and began during lunch. There were many different clubs like art, video games, D&D, and many more. Many clubs are open and free to every student to join. One of the many clubs was the Video Game club. The Video Game club is open to every student who enjoys playing video games. You can also bring your own games and gaming consoles to play. The video game club takes place during lunch in room 273. You are free to join and play video games with friends during lunch on Wednesdays. So as you can see there are many clubs to join and have fun just like the video game club. So join the clubs Husky students and have fun!

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