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Roll For Initiative: Dungeons and Dragons Club

September 24, 2019


Photo by Azucena Figueroa

From August 26th to the 30th, Chino Hills High School enjoyed its club rush. Students got to go through what was kind of a fair and look into a variety of clubs to join and enjoy their passions. As a member of one of those clubs, I would like to take the opportunity to advertise. Have you ever wanted to be an adventurer, cast magic spells, find cool loot, and defeat evil monsters? Our Dungeons and Dragons club is a great place to do all of those things and more. The club focuses on the tabletop roleplaying game D&D. In the game, you and a group of friends make fictional characters that you get to play as if you are them in a fictional setting made and ran by one friend who serves as the dungeon master or DM. The DM decides what the setting is, what happens in it, and what happens when players do certain things. While the DM has that much power, the players themselves are free to do whatever they want. If you can think of something you want to do in the game, you are allowed to do it. The DM may give a lead to a quest that could lead into a dungeon full of ghosts, but instead, you may want to start a bar and see what kind of shenanigans you can get yourself into. The club is overseen by Mr. Fawcett in room 271 after school every Wednesday. If you were to join at any time the DMs will work to figure out where to place you in the club so you can play with a group of people. You’ll get to make a character with almost no restrictions, and enjoy your time in a mystical world with other players. If you are truly interested in a magical experience, you should definitely join the D&D club!

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