Breahna Waller, Staff Writer

Going around asking about people’s struggles can help them or solve their problems. If you ask a person what their hardest subject is they will most likely say math. So hearing about this made me want to see if it’s true. I decided to walk around campus and ask people about the hardest subject they struggle in, and why. The most common answer I got was math, I may have gotten a few other subjects like a foreign language, but my number one response was math. My question is why?

So I asked the kids who said they struggled with math and they said, “ Math because I’ve always struggled with it and I can’t get to grasp the subject.” One fellow student said this shows that already the first person I asked said math. The next student, I asked also said,” Math because I have to put more effort in that class other than my other classes which are easy, and need less studying.”

As I continue asking people they almost all had the same response which was math, although I did get a few foreign languages or history. Maybe we can find a way to help people understand math more. I think that if we have more study groups and students should also look into some of the tutoring sessions offered here at school. Then maybe we can make most of the students say some other class besides math class.