An Early Start for Theatre Students


Hannah Nelson, Staff Writer

While many Chino Hills High school students were kicking back this summer, theatre students have already been hard at work on their fall musical. This year’s Production and Performance class held auditions in July for their production of Rock of Ages, which they will put on during November. This is the first time that rehearsal and work for a fall production have started in the summer. This is because the director, Mrs. Rupe, hopes to get a head start on the rehearsal process and ultimately have more time to rehearse and refine the show before the curtain rises on opening night. Production and Performance is the highest level of theatre at Chino Hills High School, and it puts on more productions than any other class.
Because of this, it also comes with the biggest time commitment. Students in the class have already shown their dedication to the theatre department so summer auditions and rehearsals were not a big ask. Riese Ili, sophomore and second-year theatre student said, “It’s a lot of work, but I feel like the payoff will be awesome,” and senior and four-year theatre student Olivia Greene said that she likes starting in the summer better because they’re not rushed. Aside from it benefitting the production, a lot of students liked the early start because they just enjoy working on a show. Natalie Guido, also a sophomore in her second year of theatre, thinks that rehearsals are, “a good way to spend your summer and be productive.”Rock of Ages is a jukebox musical that incorporates 80s rock music into the plot rather than songs that fit into the typical musical theatre genre. Coming off of a successful run of Hairspray last spring, theatre students hope that Rock of Ages is a show which will also be an easy sell. They think audiences will be excited to see a show that includes music with which they are familiar and which, on the whole, rocks. In the words of Ray Cen, senior, “It’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s wild.”