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What’s the SKSK-Story Behind Your Hydro Flask?

June 11, 2020

What's the SKSK-Story Behind Your Hydro Flask?

Many trends are storming throughout the internet and made their way to CHHS. One trend was the Hydro Flasks. I interviewed several people, starting with Sofia Turner. I asked Sofia, “Do you have a Hydroflask? And why?” Sofia replied saying, “I don’t have a Hydro Flask, but I do have a thermo flask.” A thermo flask is a metal water bottle, similar to a Hydro Flask. She also said, “I got one because it keeps my water cold and it is inexpensive.”

I asked some of my friends if they had a Hydro Flask and most of them didn’t have one, but they had other versions of metal water bottles.  My friends and other classmates had Hydro Flasks with many different types of stickers on them.

The stickers they had on their bottles were things that they liked such as outer space, video games, and other trending things. Other things people put on their Hydro Flasks are scrunchies and friendship bracelets. These can give your Hydro Flask a stylish look when you take them to game practice or just to have when walking around. It’s important to have a Hydro Flask, thermo flask, or any water bottle because it’s easier to carry water to keep you hydrated during the day.

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