#HearMyHowl: A Project With A Purpose

Photos by Howler Staff

Ava Kendrena, Staff Writer

On October 14, 2019, the Journalism class at Chino Hills High School launched a school-wide movement that would enable every student on campus to share their stories and have their voices be heard.

This movement is called the #HearMyHowl project, and its goal is to reassure all students that they matter and that they are appreciated. The concept of the project may be small, however, it has made a big impact. During lunch, the Journalism class sets up a photo backdrop with the words “My Howl Matters” displayed prominently on it. Then, throughout lunch, students are photographed holding up a whiteboard with their written messages as to why they think they matter.

Their responses were truly heart-warming and incredible to see. For once, students who have been unheard on campus were finally given a platform to use their voice, and being able to witness how excited and happy students were while sharing their messages was an experience I will never forget. Not only were students able to share their messages by being photographed, but they were also able to share their messages anonymously, in order to ensure that every student was comfortable when sharing their story. The project has also extended onto social media, (@hear_my_howl) so the messages students have shared can be seen and recognized by more people.

As a student in the Journalism class, I am proud to have helped put this project together, and I am so incredibly pleased to know that students now feel more validated and heard. The #HearMyHowl project is just getting started, and yet we have already made a huge difference in letting students know that they are important and that they matter.