On October 14 and 15, Journalism Launched our “Hear my Howl” Campaign

My Howl Matters backdrop

Photo by Howler Staff

My Howl Matters backdrop

Hannah Nelson, Staff Writer

On October 14 and 15, Journalism launched our “Hear my Howl” campaign, finally answering the question, “What are all those posters for?” The launch attracted over 50 students across the two days and about 15 signed up to be interviewed for the Husky Nation section of the Howler. On Monday the photo backdrop, tables, and journalism students were set up in Center Ice, and on Tuesday they could be found in the modules.
If students signed up for the Hear my Howl campaign, they were given a whiteboard that said “My Howl Matters Because..” and a marker and instructed to write why they mattered. Then, a picture was taken of the student in front of a backdrop emblazoned with a husky.
Some students participated individually, as was originally intended, and some in pairs or groups. Either way, more students participated than expected. Many journalism students, including myself, did not expect very many people to want to participate at first. It’s hard sometimes to talk about what is good about oneself and publicize it to the whole school.

Though some people were unsure about what they should write or if they wanted to participate at all, many did, getting journalism’s message across. That message is that students have a voice and that it matters, especially those students who don’t often exercise their voice or they do and it just fades into the background. So far, over 50 students have received that message. Journalism will be visiting different parts of the school once a week to ensure all students have a chance to participate. Once a significant amount of photos are collected, they will be displayed around the school to show those who participated that their voice is heard and to show those who didn’t that the voices of students like them were heard, and theirs could be too.