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Girls Varsity Tennis Team

Comeback Season for the CHHS Varsity Girls Tennis

November 12, 2019

The twelve girls on the Varsity Tennis Team at Chino Hills High School are charismatic, funny, and determined. The team has a very strong and close bond, and they have used their positive team dynamic to their advantage. This year has been quite the comeback season for the tennis team, as shown by their improved record. This year the girls ended the season 5-5, which is an extraordinary improvement from their 0-10 record last season. So how have the girls been able to progress so significantly? A combination of strong team leadership, positive reinforcement, and new talents have allowed the team to thrive and make great improvements this season. 

Currently, half of the girls of the team are seniors, including team captains, Julia Craig and Rachel Yao. Despite the fact that the underclassmen on the team are outnumbered, the seniors on the team have made it a priority to make sure that everyone on the team is included and having fun. The team bonds by going to get Boba at Share Tea every Monday after practice, and this tradition has allowed everyone to enjoy getting to know each other, and form the unbreakable bond the team currently has. The electric chemistry the team possesses has lead to impressive wins. According to Julia Craig, “My favorite game was against St. Lucy’s because it was our first league win in five years”. This accomplishment has given the team the momentum they need to win, and to just have fun with the sport. Every girl on the team hopes to continue playing tennis after high school, and they all value the skill, teamwork, and competitiveness that tennis has taught them through their experience playing on the Chino Hills High School team.


A Howler Interview With the Girls Varsity Tennis Team

It has been a remarkable season for the CHHS Varsity Girls Tennis Team. Through their hard work and dedication, the team is proud to consider this season as “a turn-around year.” Last year, their record was 0-10, but this season their record is 5-5. They attribute their success to their new coach, new players, and strong team bond. Team Captain, Julia Craig explained, “last season certain players were focused more on themselves, and their own achievements. This season everyone is really supportive of one another, and we make an effort to strengthen our team bond.” One of the most memorable moments of the season was when the team defeated Saint Lucy’s Priory High School. This match was significant because it was their first league win in 5 years, and because Saint Lucy’s is in a higher division D3, while CHHS is in Division 5. 

The team described tennis as both a mental and physical game. Senior, Sonel Raj, said that she enjoys tennis because “it combines exercise with competition and allows you to be strategic.” The team explained how compared to last season, they have worked hard to fix certain mental and physical aspects that were holding them back. Team Captain, Rachel Yao, described how the team has improved. “Our team has done a better job of moving their feet, improving their skills, and putting in more effort on the court. [The improvements] have really shown in our games, and as a Captain, I am happy to see how far we have come since last season.” The team is really proud of how this season has ended, and many are sad that it is over. Senior, Alyssa Dominguez, stated “This has been my favorite season playing tennis. I am really going to miss my teammates and the fun we had together.” Overall, the tennis team consists of very positive, fun, and hardworking girls who deserve the record they worked so hard to achieve.

Turn Around Season for the Varsity Girl’s Tennis Team

The 2019 fall sports season is shaping up to be quite the turn around for the Varsity Girls’ Tennis Team here at Chino Hills High School. Last year the team’s league record was 0 and 7, and this year 5 and 5. The team won against St. Lucy’s which was their first league win in 5 years and also a significant accomplishment considering that St. Lucy’s is a D3 team and our team is a D5 team. Audrey Sogata, a junior on the team, says, “Maybe we got better.” And there is potentially some truth to that. According to Rachel Yao, team captain alongside Julia Craig, the team has gotten better at moving their feet as well as trying for every point.

There are potentially other factors contributing to the team’s increased success. The team has a new coach this year, Erbin Saravia, who rearranged the team’s positions. And there is a difference. In the words of Julia Craig, “Singles is more running, doubles is more communication.” To decide who plays singles, who plays doubles, and who are the starters, the girls play on a point system. Because of the efforts of coach Saravia, the individual members of the team are now playing to their strengths and where they can best benefit the team. 

The team has improved besides their record as well. Julia thinks that the team is closer this year. The girls have traditions like freshmen Fridays, Sharetea Mondays after practice, and chanting before every game, and they even organized a team trip to Knott’s Scary Farm. They also motivate each other. Audrey said that her partner motivates her to be better, and the girls all want to do the best they can for the team. All around, the girls say that the team is better this year, both on the court and off. There are a lot of seniors, though, and so the remaining members of the team hope this improvement continues into next year. 


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