Let’s Hear Your Husky Howl!


Photos by Howler Staff

Paige Faia, Staff Writer/Photographer

October 14, was the day we started the “Hear My Howl” campaign! We gathered in an area in front of the cafeteria and started setting up a banner that one of our team members made. The banner has a drawing of a cartoon husky on it, and #HearMyHowl at the top of it. We also put out sign up sheets, so that people could get interviewed for our Husky Nation, or to take a picture holding a whiteboard, that says why they matter. On the first day of the campaign brought over a lot of students that wanted to tell why they mattered.
The students looked like they had a lot of fun taking pictures with their friends and smiling joyfully together. Each person that participated in the “Hear My Howl” campaign, got a bracelet that says “Hear My Howl” and #MyHowlMatters. I thought the campaign was a great success. because it gathered many people together to share their voice and state why they matter.
I believe that everyone matters and has a special talent inside them, which gives them a reason for why they matter. Even the littlest thing like,”


I am great at art” and “I am funny” is a reason for why a person matters. Showing my Husky Pride is why I matter, because we as Huskies, work together to make our school a better place