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The Fantastic Winter Sports Rally

December 21, 2019

Photo by Howler Staff

The winter sports rally was a success! The rally was very delightful and fun, as I really enjoyed watching it. Many of my fellow students also agreed with me, as the rally was filled with so many spectacular moments.

This rally was space-themed, and the gym was decorated with large, colorful posters that stood out with their neon glow-in-the-dark paint. Astronaut and alien props were put around; stars were placed around the walls and planet props were hung from the ceilings. It was obvious that a lot of hard work was put into making the winter sports rally look absolutely amazing. 

To open the rally, the spiritleaders gave a performance. It was quite engaging to watch, and they were applauded enthusiastically by the audience. 

One of the many highlights of the rally was watching the “Husky Top Dogs” receive their medals. The Husky Top Dogs were students that had been chosen for their achievements in academics, athletics, or performing arts. A few of my friends had been nominated to be Husky Top Dogs and it was quite exciting to see them get their medals. All grade levels had students that were Husky Top Dogs. 

Another one of the many highlights of the rally was the performance by the school’s Kpop Dance Club. A few girls from the club danced to a song of the Kpop boy band Stray Kids. The performance, like the spiritleaders’ one, was quite engaging and interesting. In the dark, the girls’ neon attire stood out, their fast-paced movements being fun to watch.

My personal favorite performance was the dance performance by Mr. Fawcett and four of the girls from the Chino Hills High School dance team. The performance was very funny, and it looked like all the performers had a great time doing it. Many of my friends had also agreed with me, as I heard a few of them chuckling during this performance. 



Photo by Howler Staff

Second Rally for the 2019-2020 School Year

A rally is a gathering of people, typically students of middle school, high school, and college-age, before a sports event. The second rally for the 2019-2020 school year had been held on November 20th in the large gym at Chino Hills High School. The theme was the Space Galaxy. The purpose of such a gathering is to encourage school spirit and to support members of the team. It is generally seen as an American phenomenon. At a rally, cheerleaders lead in loud chants and dance moves intended to get the student body excited. Games between competing classes with small prizes may be held. The school’s band often plays upbeat music in between demonstrations, and the Drumline may play. The most impressive show was performed by Mr. Fawcett and girls from the dance team. That was an amazing dance. In this rally, the cheering team gave us three wonderful performances which made the large gym become more lively. Their wonderful performance inspired the hearts of all the students that presented. They showed the energy and vitality of high school students of Chino Hills High School with their strong and powerful dance moves. This rally shows a wonderful spirit of CHHS again for the new students.


An Astronomical CHHS Winter Sports Rally


On November 22, 2019, Chino Hills High School’s Leadership and ASB programs hosted the Winter Sports Rally. The theme of the rally was “space” and many students embraced the theme by dressing up as astronauts, aliens, and planets. As students entered the gym, they were mesmerized by the black lights that gave the room a beautiful neon glow. The space decor brought the theme to life and provided students with excellent photo opportunities. When the rally began, the boys basketball team was honored in the middle of the floor. After they were recognized for their athletic achievements, a dunking contest took place. The contest was very entertaining for the crowd. The basketball players and other students who participated took a running start, hopped on a trampoline, and did their best to sink the ball into the net. 

Some of the most memorable moments from the rally were the show-stopping performances. The performance of Girl’s K-Pop Club was very popular. The girls in the group danced to a medley of prominent K-Pop songs, and when they finished their routine the crowd chanted “K-Pop! K-Pop! K-Pop!” Another great performance was given by Mr. Fawcett and girls from the Dance Team. Mr. Fawcett was the winner of the “Dancing with the Staff” competition that took place on November 17, and ASB honored his award-winning routine by inviting him to perform it at the rally. To conclude the rally, a final performance was given by the Theatre Program. In order to advertise their musical, Rock of Ages, the group sang the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, which is featured in their play. 

Overall, the rally was the perfect way to celebrate the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break. Students left the rally feeling happy and excited about the experience.


CHHS Winter Sports Rally Was From A Galaxy Far, Far Away


On Friday, November 22, Chino Hills High School had its annual Winter Sports Rally. This rally is always highly anticipated, for it honors and recognizes some of our campus’ most elite sports teams. This year, the theme of the rally was “space”, which was evident by the fantastic transformation of the gym. When students entered the rally, they were surrounded by planets, stars, and cosmic lights. The appearance of the gym set the enthusiastic energy of the audience, and once the rally began, everyone was excited. 

The rally kicked off by honoring our state champion basketball team, which resulted in a roar of applause from the students watching. Shortly after, students participated in the first rally game, which was a dunking contest. The game was hilarious to watch, and students gasped when one student fell after dunking the ball into the basket. Thankfully, he was okay, and everyone was able to laugh it off. Following this game, girl’s soccer, boy’s soccer, and wrestling were honored, and they all looked proud and happy to be recognized. As the rally progressed, it started to become more and more entertaining. Performances from K-Pop Club, Mr. Fawcett, Mrs. Chiotti, Mr. Morre, and members of the dance team were a huge hit with the students, and they could not get enough. The rally concluded with a special performance from our very own theatre program. They gave the audience a sneak peek of their musical “Rock of Ages”, by wowing the crowd with their rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. The excellent performance they gave ended the rally on a high note, making this space rally out of this world!




Photo by Howler Staff

On the last day before Thanksgiving Break, students of Chino Hills High School were greeted with a rally to help celebrate student excellence in academics and athletics. The theme of the rally was Space/Out of This World, and ASB truly delivered with this theme. With ultraviolet strobe lights and towering posters showing off drawings of the world above us, it truly felt like we were in space. The rally began with amazing choreographed dances by cheer and song, showing the school the product of their hard work and dedication. To add on, the school gave out “Top Dog” awards to students who demonstrated excellence in both academics and extracurricular. Games were played to entertain students, with one being a “blindfold” chair game. In this, students were blindfolded and told to find a chair and sit on it. The first to find and sit on the chair was declared the winner. In addition, there was a dunk contest, where students “touch the sky” as they jumped on a trampoline to dunk the basketball into the hoop. Finally, there was a stellar performance from our very own Mr. Fawcett and girl’s dance team, performing songs from “High School Musical”. All in all, this rally was one to remember!


Huskies Blast Off into the Winter Season!


Photo by Howler Staff

On Friday, November 22, Chino Hills leadership and ASB put on our Winter Sports Rally.  It concluded the spirit week with a neon, outer space-themed rally. The decorations in the big gym were bright, with space-themed posters and set-ups.  In this rally, all of the winter sports were recognized. These sports are girls water polo, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, and wrestling.  Along with winter sports, the Top Dogs of each class were recognized. Top Dogs are students that go above and beyond with academics, extracurriculars, sports, etc. There were roughly eight to ten Top Dogs in each class and they were honored for their hard work.  In between these recognitions, there were games and various dance performances.

The games were space-themed and gave students in the crowd a chance to participate.  The Kpop club performed and made the audience excited. They danced to Kpop music and it brought energy and hype to the gym.  The Huskies faculty also had a chance to show off their moves in their own performance. Mr. Fawcett and some Husky backup dancers put on a routine and the students were impressed with how talented Mr. Fawcett was!  Next, Mr. Moore and Mrs. Chiotti put on their own routine with some dance team members and seemed to have fun with it. There were smiles all around from the floor all the way up the bleachers. This winter rally had a fun theme and made students excited for the upcoming winter sports season.



Photo by Howler Staff

Huskies Go to Outer Space

On Friday, November 22 the second rally of the year kicked off during 3rd period. Since there had only been one rally this school year, there was plenty of anticipation leading up to the day. As students stepped through the doors of the large gym, they were transported into space for the space-themed rally. The walls were covered in posters reflecting different planets and stars painted with glow in the dark paint. When the lights turned off, the posters stood out and made it seem like the students were actually in outer space. The rally involved honoring winter sports athletes including the teams from boys water polo, girls soccer, and the wrestling team. Besides honoring the athletes on their season, the rally also featured dances from members of the dance team and the staff. Mr. Fawcett, Mr. Moore, and Mrs. Chiotti’s hard work stood out during the performances and the dances were a favorite of the audience. A rally would not be complete without the games that come with it, so of course, there were games consisting of one student from each of the four grade levels. To round off the rally honoring students, a big part of the event was when they called up the Top Dogs from each grade level. Top Dogs are students who have maintained a high GPA while being involved in school and being a good example for others. The rally concluded with a Husky spell out, giving everyone a chance to get onto the floor and increase the Husky spirit, kicking off Thanksgiving break.



Photo by Howler Staff

Winter Sports Rally

Chino Hills High school had a space-themed rally for all of the winter sports. Some of the sports were girls and boys Basketball, girls and boys Soccer, competitive Cheer, and co-ed Wrestling. The rally had glowing lights shining in the dark gym. The teams were all announced on the floor, holding up posters with their sport on it.

At the beginning of the rally, an ASB leader chose one student from each class to participate in a slam dunk basketball challenge. Anyone who won got a glow-up baton. The other game was being blindfolded and finding a chair. It was really funny watching people scavenge around looking for a chair, that was right in front of them. In the rally, the girls’ dance team was able to dance with the staff. Mr. Moore and Mrs. Chiotti danced with the girls in uniform. Mr. Fawcett was also rocking it out on the floor with his cool dance moves. They were dancing to the songs from High School Musical.

The school’s advanced drama also rocked out on stage, by performing a scene from their show “Rock of Ages”. They sang and danced to “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. The energy from the theater students caused the whole room to sing and dance along. Everyone rose up from the bleachers and crowded the floor screaming and running around in a mosh pit. They all truly showed their Husky Pride in our school. Our school really rocks.


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