What It’s Like to Perform at a Rally


Photo by Howler Staff

Hannah Nelson, Staff Writer

Friday, November 22 marked the Winter Sports and Renaissance rally here at Chino Hills High School. The theme of the rally was outer space, and the large gym was decorated with aliens, rocket ships, and glow-in-the-dark posters. The rally was lit with black lights, so students were told to wear neon or white to glow. The rally was meant to celebrate winter sports as well as to recognize the students from each grade awarded the “Top Dog” title for being outstanding academically and still involved in extracurricular activities. 

The rally included performances from many groups on campus, including cheer, the K-Pop club, groups from “dancing with the staff,” and theatre. As a member of the theatre, I performed at the rally. We performed a part of the song “Don’t Stop Believing,” which is featured in Rock of Ages. Because of this, I watched both rallies and also witnessed part of the set up for the rally the night before as we had to go and practice in the gym.

Performing at the rally gives a different perspective than watching it from the bleachers. In the bleachers, it’s normally crowded and sometimes hard to see and understand what’s going on. Standing on the floor off to the side, I had a better view and was able to watch the performances and see

Photo by Howler Staff

the games more easily than I usually do. I also was able to notice what ASB was doing during the rally. The students had to set up in between games or performances and were instructed at different times to

Photo by Howler Staff

interact with the crowd. They also spent time the night before setting up and practicing for the rally, which I saw only for a few minutes. I usually don’t like rallies because of the
loud and chaotic atmosphere, but being separated from that atmosphere and involved in the rally gave me a new perspective on the effort that goes into rallies.