CHHS Band and Colorguard Victorious!


CHHS Band and Colorguard WBA First Place Champions

Paige Faia, Staff Writer

CHHS Band members

The Chino Hills High school Band and Colorguard ended the season great by winning first place, twice in the WBA Grand Championships! Band and Colorguard practice and train every day, to get ready for any competitions or performances they conduct. Band practices are every day from 5 pm to 9 pm. They believe that practice makes perfect and if you try hard you can achieve anything. Together Band and Colorguard use teamwork to make their performance extraordinary. 

Band and Colorguard first, went against a bunch of different bands from Southern California in the WBA Championship. Our Husky Band was in class 5A and they took first place in 5A prelims, Chino Hills High School won first place out of 19 bands in the finals. This must have been very exciting for the Colorguard and Band winning first place twice in a row. I asked a fellow band member, Portia Hildebrand, “What was the band’s motivation to work hard against the other contestants?” She said, “We wanted to prove that we weren’t the Chino Hills we used to be and that the hard work we did paid off. In the end, it didn’t matter if we got first place or not, the matter was that we tried and did our best.” The band did their best on the field, and they had some of their best runs and the best run was at the show in Fresno. Congratulations to our Band and Colorguard for their winning performances.