Prepping for the Holidays on Campus

Photo by Alyssa Gordon

Alyssa Gordon, Staff Writer

December is always a month filled with plenty of emotions due to the stress of finals and the anticipation for winter break. After Thanksgiving, everyone is on high alert to finish the semester strong, even though they would much rather be focusing on things like gifts and time off from school. While there are constant disagreements on when it is acceptable to decorate for the holidays, many teachers on campus have adorned their rooms with colorful decorations. The decorations include lights, mini Christmas trees, and wrapping paper such as in Mr. Frutos’ classroom where red and white striped paper covers his cabinets. Other decor includes stockings with the teacher’s name on it and little Santa Claus figurines. The decorations in class make the school more festive, but it is also comforting because this time of year can be very difficult for many students. Finals are just around the corner and the fun decorations lighten the dreary mood that can come about when everyone has a lot of work to do. Another classroom that recently became decorated for the holiday season is the ceramics room.  Mrs. Swanlund put up red and green lights on the staircase in her classroom and on the wall to help bring in the holiday spirit. Ceramics is a favorite class for many juniors and seniors because they get to create a wide variety of pieces from clay, so it was extra exciting when they noticed the new festive decor. This time of year can be hectic, but positivity can be found everywhere you look this month on campus.