Tik Tok is More Than Just a Funny App 

Alexis Greer, Staff Writer

If you are a student at Chino Hills High you probably know what Tik Tok is about, but it’s more than just a video making app. A girl posted a Tik Tok seemingly about how to make your eyelashes longer, but little do you know that she was only doing that so her video didn’t get taken down by the owners of Tik Tok from China.  Not only do some Tik Toks point out ongoing issues some people on Tik Tok also make their accounts dedicated to helping others by giving advice, letting people know how to deal with a situation, and providing numbers for you to talk to someone about a problem. Although Tik Tok is mainly just silly videos there are still people on there trying to make a difference and help others, it should definitely be given a try if you haven’t given it one already.