Jeans For Teens Donation Drive at CHHS

Isabella Kendrena, Staff Writer

December is the season of giving, and two freshmen at Chino Hills High School have truly embraced what it means to be generous and caring. Twin brother and sister, Isabella Cruz and Isaac Cruz collaborated with Activities Director Mrs. Chiotti, to organize a jeans and socks donation drive at CHHS. The twins started planning the donation drive before Thanksgiving and did research on the project during Thanksgiving Break. By the time school was back in session, they were able to bring their ideas to life. Students at CHHS  brought their donations of lightly used jeans or new socks to the ASB office or to their second-period class.

All jeans and socks were given to the Temple Community Outreach Center, which serves the homeless and low-income families of San Bernardino. Isabella told me that she was inspired to create this donation drive because “My family and I have always loved helping others in need.” Isabella and Isaac have helped the homeless community in the past, and they felt that their experience in helping the homeless community has made a great impact. Isabella believes that “In this generation, we see that the youth can drive change into communities. Being able to give to the less fortunate or those that are experiencing something that prevents them from being able to get necessary essentials, can be uplifting. Change can surely be driven in youth, as the future is within us.” It is amazing to see two young students promote such a wonderful cause. I hope that students help Isaac and Isabella create change in a community that needs it most