Global Warming is Taking a Toll on Planet Earth

Aleetse Martinez, Staff Writer

Global warming is taking a toll on our loving planet earth. As more fossil fuels burn and pollute the atmosphere more carbon dioxide is produced and trapping more of the sun’s heat on our planet. There are longer-lasting Heatwave season’s, causing fires, droughts, and more. Global warming is also taking a toll on the earth’s cold climates, by melting the Antarctic icy land, Greenland, and Alaska.

These causes are dropping many living organism populations to decrease or to decline. Global warming is also affecting the many living organisms in our oceans with carbon dioxide being produced and making a thicker ozone layer where the carbon dioxide gets trapped in our beautiful oceans causing coral bleaching and more. These effects can affect many other things like shorter spring season’s due to global warming causing a lesser chance for organisms to reproduce.

Everyone should know how important it is to change things quickly before it’s too late. Instead of using fossil fuels people should use reusable energy like electricity, or make degradable energy like using algae. There are many ways we can help our planet. Even planting more trees and stopping deforestation will help. That is why global warming is important and should be stopped.