Within the Catholic Faith


Saint Paul the Apostle Church

Paolo Natividad, Staff Writer

Within the Catholic faith, there is a requirement, or Sacrament, named Confirmation, which is truly saying yes to being Catholic and is the last Sacrament of Initiation before being called a Catholic. During the time before receiving this sacrament, the students, who are mostly fifteen to eighteen-year-olds, have two years of learning to go through, with other requirements such as community service and parish service. Other requirements include finding a sponsor, who will become your Godparent who guides and helps you through the Catholic faith, and the many tribulations that come with it. The one requirement I will be talking about though is the need to go on a retreat. This is required for both years of the Confirmation’s learning process in our local church of Saint Paul the Apostle as well as everywhere the Catholic faith lives. It has been a big part of many people’s faith-filled journey throughout the years at Saint Paul the Apostle. Fortunately, I was able to be one of the many leaders of this month’s retreat, and among many things, I was astonished by the absolute joy, conversion, and growth that came to the weekend retreat and it was more than I managed to comprehend or explain in words. There were many who served and experienced the entire retreat from different aspects. One such person is Heather Santos, who was a retreat participant. She got closer to Jesus Christ and the many bonds she’s created were amazing to see. Crosstrainers who served the retreat were Victory Nunag, and Alexander Hernandez-Wolas among others, and they helped these teens attain a closer relationship with our God, and it truly was an amazing experience for all who went. They all pushed themselves to reach further into the faith and for the most part, it felt amazing to truly talk to the teens and help guide them on a genuinely fulfilling path. This retreat and many like it really spark or ignite the flame under most people to follow more devoutly, and it was an amazing experience to be a part of.