Trying to Beat School Traffic 


Hannah Nelson, Staff Writer

There has always been traffic near Chino Hills High School. The school is near a freeway entrance, and so it makes sense that there would be a lot of cars in less space. More recently, new establishments near the school may have made traffic worse.  It is not uncommon for students to get stuck in traffic in the morning, and because of this, many students find themselves being late to class.

In my first period, which is composed entirely of seniors, many of whom drive themselves, there is at least one student late nearly every day. It is becoming so common that students do not bother stopping at attendance to get a tardy slip because it takes up more time before getting to class. Due to the amount of traffic, many students report leaving their house significantly early, from about 6:50 to 7:05 am for the 7:30 start time.

Students have methods of beating traffic after school as well. If one tries to leave from about 2:20-2:30, it can often take up to ten minutes just to get out of the parking lot, as there are a lot of cars and only one exit. To get around this, many students try to leave as soon as the bell rings, others decide to wait to leave until after the traffic dies down. For students who don’t drive, many parents decide to pick up their children at a location other than the school, such as the nearby Starbucks. I have heard a number of solutions from different students. It seems that students and parents try to avoid the traffic as much as possible to make going to and from school as painless as possible.