Why Should We Have Computer Science Classes?



Rishi Shah, Co-Editor in Chief

At our school, we have a variety of classes, ranging from ceramics to calculus, for all students to enjoy and work through. However, with the emergence of a new field, we need to adjust to the 21st century and offer computer classes, specifically those pertaining to computer science. Computer science is becoming one of the biggest opening job and competitive college field, it is a good idea to give many students a new viewpoint into the future. With a beginning computer science course that introduces students to the world of coding and language, students can be prepared for any college courses that require beginning language and can show a strong commitment to the computer science courses when applying to college. For those who believe that the beginner classes are too simple, CollegeBoard offers two AP classes, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A. The class is a rigorous course that introduces those to the languages and intricacies of coding. All in all, the school would strongly benefit from a computer science course to help students in the future