Baseball Tryouts at Chino Hills High


Parker Cameron, Staff Writer

The first week of school was an exciting one for Chino Hills High students. With the new classes and incoming students, the week was sure to be a great one for most students. There were also many tryouts for school sports like baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and many more. I personally love to play baseball and I was definitely going to try out for the team. A mix of excitement and fear filled me. I knew the competition was going to be stiff going into tryouts, but I wasn’t prepared to face such good competition as I did in the tryouts.

The tryouts were going to happen the first Friday and Saturday of the school year. This was much earlier than I had expected and I was personally not ready. At the end of the school day at least, thirty students showed up to the baseball field. This would mean that most students would have to play the best they have ever played in order to make the team. Although some students did play well it is hard to show to someone how athletic you are in a short two hours. This resulted in many students ruining their chances of making the team just because they missed a ground ball. The first day of tryouts lasted around two hours and all the students were grouped up on the varsity field to try out. This resulted in a lot of students playing the same positions on the field and having to take turns. With such a large turnout people who wanted to make the team had to do something special to get them noticed. Unfortunately, I was unable to do anything of note and quickly fell into the background. Although I didn’t play super well, I was still hopeful for the second day of tryouts.

The second day of tryouts was to begin at nine o’clock on the following Saturday. This is where the freshmen and the rest of the classes would be separated, freshmen going to the smaller field and the rest of the grades staying on the varsity field. This was where freshmen were given the chance to show off their skills against other freshmen. Although some students played well there were some students like me, who didn’t play good enough. This resulted in me and many players not making the team. Although I’m sad I didn’t make the team, I was grateful for the chance to try out and am excited to give it another chance at the next tryouts.