Girls’s Cross Country Continue Undefeated Streak With New Coach 


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Chiotti

Cross Country Girls team with new coach Karen Kreiss complete season with a fifth league win.

Noa Noh, Editor-in-Chief

Ranked Top 6 in D1 this year, the Girl’s Cross Country Team finished strong once more this season. Everyone on the team had an origin story for their passion for running. Lauren Juaregi explained how she played soccer and became curious to pursue another sport which led her to choose cross country.

In order to get to the point where they were, the team had to adapt to new conditions. With new Coach Kraiss, the team had to adjust from their previous coach, Coach Bergmann. Team captain Lauren Juaregi states, “I originally had different expectations before the start of the season, but Coach Kraiss always motivated us and pushed us through the season, and I believe that she worked really hard to help us every day.” The team also had many injuries this season- the most common was shin splits. Team captain Jacqueline Duarte could not participate in any races because she ACL was torn and she had to undergo surgery. It was challenging for the team to race without a strong presence, but as a runner, Megan Chiotti states, “At first, we had doubts since Jacqueline wouldn’t be able to race with us. But we tried our hardest even though Jacqueline wasn’t there. And we succeeded!”

To prepare for meets, the cross country team runs everyday- 6 days a week on and off the season. They run 8-10 miles during the season and 5-6 miles during the off-season. The team’s favorite weather to run is in the morning. Even if it’s raining, the team runs through the rain as long as there is no lightning. On average, each runner goes through their running shoes every month.

Not only is running physically challenging, but the sport is also mentally challenging as well. As Riley Rivera explains, “Not many people know this, but running requires A LOT of discipline.” Another member states that the most challenging part is that “I have to give up my favorite foods before each race.”

The team has several traditions that they have to prepare for each race. Before each race, they do a group prayer. team captain Jacqueline explains how “everyone is nervous, so we try to joke around to loosen up the atmosphere and prepare ourselves mentally. And you don’t realize the pressure until an hour before the race starts.” Some of their favorite memories with each other include tie-dye parties, pasta parties before races, going on the annual beach trip at the end of summer camp, bonding with everyone when their bus broke down before their first race and sharing the accomplishments of making into CIF as a team.

The team has kept their 4-year streak as champions, and their achievements, of winning their 5th league championship this year show that this accomplishment couldn’t have happened without the stamina from each other and their passion for running.