#HearMyHowl Campaign


Photos by Howler Staff

Julia Craig, Staff Writer

The Chino Hills High School Journalism team started an important movement on campus.  The “Hear My Howl” campaign is intended to allow all students and staff at Chino Hills to have a voice.  the campaign started at the beginning of October, flyers were put up around campus telling students to be ready for #HearMyHowl.  After a couple of weeks, curiosity and anticipation grew among the student body. Journalism got some help from Husky Highlights, with advertisements every week leading up to the launch.  The launch date was October 14 in Center Ice near the Husky student entrance. There was music and journalism members welcoming everyone. Students came up to the booth and signed up to either be anonymous or they could get their picture taken.  The students who volunteered for a picture wrote why their “howl” matters on a whiteboard. The faculty also added their voice and took a picture at the booth. Students could also sign up to be further interviewed by a member of the journalism team to be apart of the Husky Nation part of the Howler.  These students would be interviewed to get their full story heard and written about.  

The campaign is a positive movement at Chino Hills for students and staff.  Journalism will be giving the opportunity for students’ “howl” to be heard during the year.  The location on campus will change around campus to ensure every student gets the opportunity to participate.  This is a big project for Journalism and the class came together to get the work done. Thanks to Dr. B for his approval of the campaign and helping us get everything together to get started, Journalism has been able to make a positive impact on CHHS and its culture.  Look out for #HearMyHowl and share your message!