We Want to Hear Your Howl


Photos by Howler Staff

Alyssa Gordon, Staff Writer

On October 14, all questions were answered when journalisms Hear My Howl campaign launched near the student entrance during lunch. After weeks of speculation because of the posters around campus, students were finally made aware of the launch. The goal of the campaign is to allow  more students to have a voice through taking pictures of them holding up a whiteboard that says, “My Howl Matters because…” Students who participate are encouraged to finish the rest of the sentence with a phrase of their choice such as, “I’m nice to everyone.” Launch day was a success with many students signing up for the Husky Nation to have an interview that ends up on the Journalism website and several students posing for pictures stating why they matter.  The plan is to have the Hear My Howl booth in different parts of campus.

The purpose of having it in different areas is to get all students engaged even if they do not sit in Center Ice where the majority of lunch events are held. There is an opportunity for everyone to get involved with Hear My Howl, whether it is through anonymous messages or a photo so make sure to join the celebration of everyone having a voice on campus.