Girls Cross Country a Winning Team


CHHS Girls Cross Country

Amaya Williams Brown, Staff Writer

Chino Hills High School has many phenomenal and hard-working sports teams. From football, basketball, softball, soccer and many more. However, there is a sport our school has often overlooked, which is Girl’s Cross Country. Now boys, step aside because the ladies have lightning speed and a hunger for victory. Our very own girls cross country team consists of some very hardworking and passionate ladies who run for a purpose. Many of the team members said they enjoy cross country because it is a great source of exercise and they like to push themselves to be better every day. While running may sound very difficult and uninteresting to some, this team of incredible ladies pushes away the negativity with one goal in mind: Make It To State. It is currently off-season for the team so they typically run 5 miles at practices, as opposed to 10 miles during the season. Coach Kreiss makes sure to keep the team motivated and properly ready to continue on. The team’s current rank is 6 D1. The main goals as a team are to make it to CIF, break 19, and Malone varsity. Now don’t be fooled, though you can stretch and build up endurance over time to do long-distance running, it is still very much a mental sport. The girls say they have to tell themselves and each other to push through how they feel and know that there is an amazing rush of exhilaration awaiting them. Many of them are involved in other sports as well, such as soccer, dance team, and track. Balancing out academics and sports has been a tad bit difficult because they have daily practices except for Sunday’s, their time management has to be shaped in many different ways to get their academic responsibilities out of the way. The girls say being one as a team is crucial in keeping their heads in the game. they often have team bonds or pasta parties. They even have rituals such as their prayer circle and the Husky chant. We applaud these ladies for their hard work and dedication and cannot wait to see more success from them in the future.