Meet Girls Cross Country!


Photo by Howler Staff

Diego Fernandez, Staff Writer

On December 10th, The Howler interviewed our very own Girls Cross Country! An overview of the team is that the year started with a new coach Kimberly Kreiss, as Jim Bergman has retired and now only focuses on world geography, and every race is five kilometers long. Our girl’s varsity team this year was composed of three freshmen, two sophomores, three juniors, and two seniors. The ten runners were Megan Chiotti, Karis Brown, Lauren Jauregui, Miranda McGarry, Jacqueline “Jacqui” Duarte, Belinda Oceguera, Jenna Gallegos, Camille Cortes, Isabella “Bella” Duarte, and Riley Rivera. They, along with the rest of the team, started running in the summer and run every weekday during 6th period and after school along with Saturday practice in the morning. Their average run is about 7 miles, with Saturday always being 10 miles or more. During the season, an unexpected situation occurred. While playing club soccer, Jacqui Duarte, the current reigning California 1600 meter champion, suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament, effectively ending her junior year’s cross country and track season. Senior Lauren Jauregui brought it upon herself to step up where her injured teammate once was and got Chino Hills to win the Baseline League. For it being Kreiss’s first year as a cross country coach, it has been a success. “She has adapted quickly and helped us get where we needed to be to not only win league, but to make it to CIF.” said Jauregui. As always, these girls work as a pack to help bring the team to victory! Go Huskies!