Motivational Speaker Dee Hankins Visits CHHS


Photo by Ava Kendrena

“Be Resilient” tour, motivational speaker Dee Hankins visits Chino Hills High

Ava Kendrena, Staff Writer

On Friday, January 10, motivational speaker Dee Hankins visited Chino Hills High School in an effort to inspire and uplift students who may be struggling or going through a hard time. Throughout Dee’s motivational talk, he made sure to put emphasis on the fact that life throws curveballs, but through resilience, humans are capable of overcoming any challenge that gets in our way. Dee reached his audience through his humorous and detailed storytelling, and by sharing some of the personal difficulties he endured in his childhood.

Dee shared that he was put into the foster care system when he was only two months old, and once he got attached to one family, he would abruptly get moved to another household. This pattern of moving from family to family continued throughout the majority of his childhood, causing him to act out in frustration and anger. Dee lightly made fun of the erratic behavior, he had as a child by reenacting one of the tantrums he had when he refused to take his feet off his desk at school one day.

Dee passionately demonstrated to his audience how he flipped the desk over out of anger and punched the people who were trying to calm him down during his fit of rage. Although this reenactment was quite hilarious from a viewer’s standpoint, Dee further explained that the day he threw this extreme tantrum was the same day he received the best advice he had ever been given.

Dee continued his story by explaining that after he threw his tantrum, he was called into the vice principal’s office, where he asked his vice-principal why people in the administration were so willing to forgive him after the damage he caused. This is when she responded with the advice that changed his life, “Because you have potential”. Dee concluded his compelling talk by telling us that we all have potential, no matter what our situation is, we are capable of hitting home runs out of the nastiest curveballs. The shed of light and inspiration Dee Hankins was able to spread to the students of Chino Hills High was extremely influential, and I am very grateful we were able to listen to his enlightening story.