The Air Force One and Its Rise to Popularity

The Air Force One and Its Rise to Popularity

Parker Cameron, Staff Reporter

Air Force One’s or AF1 for short seems to be everywhere right now. This seemed surprising to me because this shoe is not new. The AF1 released in 1982, nearly 40 years ago, making it a shoe that has seemed to have passed the test of time.

It is very hard for a piece of clothing to stay popular for so long so how did the AF1 remain popular for so long. It seems that this shoe is one piece of clothing in the long line of old styles making a comeback. Nowadays you can see tons of old articles of clothing including things like denim jackets, scrunchies, and acid wash jeans.

Its long-lasting popularity can also be blamed on its all-white design that seems to never go out of style. With all this hype surrounding this shoe, I knew I needed to get a pair but they’re harder to get than you think. I have a relatively small foot and finding a smaller size shoe right now is very hard, also because these shoes are so popular they are very expensive.

I was able to get my pair for somewhere around 180 dollars. This price is quite high for a shoe with hard upkeep due to its all-white design but its all-white design is the biggest reason that it is so popular now. If you walk around the school you can see these shoes everywhere. With all this in mind, I still love this shoe and can’t wait to see what its future holds.