New Wendy’s Near Chino Hills High

Julia Craig, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, construction began around Chino Hills High School.  On the corners of Soquel Canyon Parkway and Pomona Rincon Road, places have begun to open up. Starbucks, Boba shops, and small eateries are popular among students at Chino Hills High School.  The next place that opened up this week is the fast-food restaurant, Wendy’s. This was highly anticipated among the Huskies and a new fast food place will most likely be successful due to its location. Being within convenient walking distance from CHHS, students have easy access to Wendy’s either during lunch or after school.  It will also do well near the high school because of its low prices and popular food. Their most known special being the Wendy’s 4 for 4, which is a burger, chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink for 4 dollars is going to be a hit.

Wendy’s is going to be the first fast-food restaurant to open up next to the high school.  It is definitely going to be a popular spot, especially for students who don’t drive. Once it began construction, Wendy’s announced that they will be hiring.  Several Huskies applied and within just a couple weeks, all the positions were filled. Expectations are that most of the customers will be Chino Hills students and staff because of its convenience.  Lunch, before or after school events, and after school will be the most common times that students are hanging out at Wendy’s and the other restaurants around it. As of right now, the rest of the places near the high school are sit down restaurants and students wouldn’t have enough time to go to them during the half-hour lunch.  With Wendy’s now open, Huskies will have enough time to go there and come back in time for fifth period. This will definitely be a popular spot for CHHS students.